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Knowledge Bowl Set#3

Third 24 KB questions

What is the highest vocal range for men? tenor
What does your body need when you yawn? oxygen
What is the highest vocal range for women? soprano
What does a prism do? breaks up light into the colors of the spectrum
Who is known as the "Father of Medicine"? Hippocrates
What do we call a male goose? a gander
What is the largest animal in America that has antlers? a moose
During the American Revolution, where was the event known as "the shot heard round the world"? Lexington, Massachusetts
What is the largest class of animals? insects
How many meters equal a kilometer? 1,000
What Italian adventurer wrote about his travels to China to see the ruler Kublai Khan? Marco Polo
In math, what is the term that means "the chance that something will happen"? probability
Finish this saying that expressed the colonists' anger against the British government: No taxation without _____. representation
What is the Roman numeral for ten? X
According to the Declaration of Independence? what are the three unalienable rights? life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
What do we call a line segment that has both endpoints on a circle but does NOT pass through the center of the circle? chord
What man is known as the "Father of the Constitution"? James Madison
What quadrilateral has two pairs of parallel sides? a parallelogram
What is a sum of money paid to the government to help support services? a tax (taxes)
What quadrilateral has only one pair of parallel sides? a trapezoid
What signer of the Declaration of Independence is known for founding the University of Virginia? Thomas Jefferson
What is the mathematical term for the category of polygons with 4 sides? quadrilaterals
During the War of 1812, what was the nickname of the battleship Constitution? Old Ironsides
During the 1830s and 1840s, what two word term meant that it was obvious that the U.S. would expand until it covered the entire North American continent? Manifest Destiny
Created by: rnsluder