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Knowledge Bowl Set#2

Second 24 questions

What continent is known as "The Land Down Under"? Australia
In the tales of King Arthur, who was his powerful magician and advisor? Merlin
Before the continents drifted apart, they formed one land mass known as what? Pangaea
Who was the first Caucasian man to climb Mt. Everest? Sir Edmund Hillary
What kind of map shows characteristics of the land, such as mountains, rivers, etc.? physical map
What country in the Himalayas is called the "rooftop of the world"? Tibet
Libya, Jordan, Syria, and the other countries that form the eastern region around the Mediterranean are often lumped together and called what? the Middle East
What is the term given to the giant pieces of the earth's crust that form our continents? plates
What state is split into two parts by one of the Great Lakes? Michigan
What Greek is known for writing fables? Aesop
What does "a capella" mean? singing without music
Who was the oldest man to be elected President of the U.S.? Ronald Reagan
What acronym is used to help us remember the Great Lakes? HOMES
Which Great Lake is the smallest? Lake Erie
What is the name of our current Pope? Pope Francis
Who was the first AMERICAN woman in space? Sally Ride
Who is the current Prime Minister of England? Theresa May
What two United States coins have no ridges on their edges? penny, nickel
Who is the current Prime Minister of Canada? Justin Trudeau
Who is the current President of Mexico? Enrique Nieto
What do we call the songs generally sung at Christmas? Christmas carols
What body parts make our skeleton move? muscles
What is the only bird to have both eyes on the front of its head? owl
What do we call the three men in the Bible who presented gifts to the newborn Jesus? the Magi (wise men)
Created by: rnsluder