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Knowledge Bowl Set#1

First 24 KB questions

What is the last name of the short story by Washington Irving where a man fell asleep in the Catskill Mountains and slept for 20 years? Rip Van Winkle
What was the nickname for the real king who is in the legend of Robin Hood? Richard the Lion Hearted
Who wrote Little House on the Prairie? Laura Ingalls Wilder
What is the name for the time when thousands of European knights tried to recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims? the Crusades
In 1851, what African American abolitionist and women's rights advocate wrote Ain't I a Woman? Sojourner Truth
What is the name of the holy book for the Muslim faith? Koran
In the tales of King Arthur? who was his wife? Guinevere
Finish this saying: One picture is worth ____. a thousand words
What part of speech is meant to express strong feelings or thoughts? interjection
What French girl was burned at the stake after restoring the throne of France to King Charles VII? Joan of Arc
Most adverbs are made by adding ___ to an adjective. ly
How many people serve on a jury? 12
What is the past tense of bring? brought
What happened in Great Britain in 1066? Battle of Hastings (the Norman Conquest)
What is the term given to a reference item that is a list of books and magazine articles? bibliography
During the Middle Ages, what was the name given to the knights' code that told them to protect the weak and to be brave, religious, honorable, and loyal? the Code of Chivalry
To indicate titles of books, magazines, or newspapers, we often slant the letters to the right? What is this called? italics (italicizing)
Who was the first Christian emperor of the Roman empire? Constantine
What literary term means "what actually happens in a story"? plot
During the Middle Ages, what was the system that developed where protection was exchanged for loyalty and labor? feudalism
Complete this saying: Beauty is only _____. skin deep
What is the term given to the time after Rome fell, when knowledge was forgotten and life was full of hardships and struggles? the Dark Ages
In which two hemispheres do we find the United States? Western and Northern
Finish this saying: Birds of a feather ____________. flock together
Created by: rnsluder