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Lets Create an App


Computer Scientist Scientists who apply their knowledge of computation to creating solutions using a computer system.
Mobile Application (or app) A type of software application designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer.
Computer Science The science of creating artifacts and solving problems using the help of a computer. Some of the areas of focus include software engineering, programming, data analysis, algorithms, graphics, and animation.
Camelcase The writing of compound words (like variable names, procedure names, and file names) by starting each word with a capital letter.
MIT Inventor The environment where computer scientist create apps.
Palette The area to find components and drag them to the Viewer to add them to your app.
Viewer The area components are dragged from the palette to the viewer to design what your app will look like.
Components Shows the components you have added to your app in a hierarchical structure.
Properties Select a component in the Components list to edit its properties (name, color, size) in this pane.
Designer Button Opens the Designer view.
Block Button Opens the Block Editor where you can add or edit the code in your app.
Emulator A simulator that imitates a program or events.
Created by: adriank.suffren