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Desktop Chapter 8

Microsoft Publisher 2016

Data driven publication A publication directly populated and updated from a database.
B2B Business to Business
Catalog A collection of pictures and descriptive details, representing items for sale, services offered, or any data list.
directory Type of catalog that usually provides details about individuals, products, or organizations sorted alphabetically.
A spread The way inner pages appear as two adjacent, facing pages in a book, catalog, magazine, or other publication such as a yearbook.
Master Page View The page or pages that contain the elements that you want to repeat on multiple pages.
Header Text and graphics that print at the top of each page in a publication.
Footer Text and graphics that print at the bottom of every page.
Proportional Lining style format for numbers Number of pixels used to create a number is proportional. A "0" may be wider than a "1".
Tabular style format for numbers Each number is the same width.
Lining style for numbers Aligns the bottom of all numbers.
Old-style for numbers Allows certain numbers such as "3" to drop below the baseline of the other numbers.
Reflection image A mirrored image of the original graphic with matching borders to create the appearance of a partial reflection.
Catalog pages Contain a unique merge area for positioning text and pictures.
Catalog merge area Also called, repeatable area. A box in the publication into which you can insert field codes.
Why does Publisher include pages that are not part of the catalog merge? You may want an index page or intro to the catalog. All pages in a catalog must be in groups of two for the publication to print correctly.
What does the More Picture Options command do? This command will display the insert picture dialog box. It is used when you have multiple picture fields in your database.
What are boundaries? Gray, dotted line surrounding a select object. Helpful in placing other fields in the catalog merge area.
What does it mean to distribute objects? Equalize the space between three or more objects vertically or horizontally.
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