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Unit III test reveiw

Bob Jones Elements of Literature unit 3 test review

How can stories and poems be arranged? Spatially, chronologically, by symmetry, or by parallelism (contrast), or by extended metaphor
“It Sifts from Leaden Sieves” by _____________________ Emily Dickinson
In “It Sifts from Leaden Sieves” what is "it"? What are the sieves? Snow and clouds
How does each sentence “It Sifts from Leaden Sieves” begin? With the same subject
How is “It Sifts from Leaden Sieves” organized? spatially - with a metaphor that extends throughout
What does the snow, or"it" represent in “It Sifts from Leaden Sieves”? a cosmetician - seamstress
What does the landscape represent in “It Sifts from Leaden Sieves”? an aging woman
“Snow Bound” by _______________________ John Greenleaf Whittier
Where was John Greenleaf Whittier from? New England (Eastern U.S.)
What was John Greenleaf Whittier's family known for? Quaker values
What was Whittier's greatest poem and when was it written? "Snow-Bound"; when he was almost 60
What was the impact of Whittier's poem, "Snow Bound"? It helped comfort people after the Civil War
What else is John Greenleaf Whittier famous for? He wrote approximately one hundred hymn texts near the end of his life.
What is the organization/arrangement of "Snow Bound"? chronological - it takes place over two days
What is the meter of "Snow Bound"? rhymed iambic tetrameter
What are some examples of imagery used in "Snow Bound"? An old man, a Chinese roof, Pisa's leaning tower
What makes the boys think of "Aladdin's wondrous cave" in "Snow Bound"? the tunnel the boys create when they dig a path to the barn.
How are "Winter" and "Snow Bound" similar? they both describe contrast between indoors and outdoors, day and night, cold and warmth.
How is "Winter" organized? by contrasts
In "An Old-Fashioned Iowa Christmas," Engle uses parallelism by repeating which phrase? "There are no such________________ anymore."
what sound does Engle most associate with Christmas? The sound of sleighbells
What purpose did the Christmas goose serve in "An Old-Fashioned Iowa Christmas"? food, bedding, and a cough remedy
In "An Old-Fashioned Iowa Christmas," what does Engle say the best way to thank the Lord for His abundance is? to eat the meal in the same room in which it is cooked
How is "Snow in the Suburbs" organized? with movement from impersonal to personal, humorous to serious, and general to specific
What is the theme of "Snow in the Suburbs"? man has a duty to help the helpless.
What is onomatopoeia? Words that sound like the sounds they are describing. For example, "the red squirrel chirred."
In "The Return of the Rangers" what do we find that a good leader will do? sacrifice for the needs of his men
Why do the woodcutters stare at Captain Rogers and his men when they arrive to station #4? Because of their shocking appearance
"Winter," by Shakespeare, was taken from which play? "Love's Labour's Lost"
What is the theme of both "Winter" and "Snow Bound"? The idea that work and duty precede rest and leisure, and that quality of life is more dependent on inward character than on outward circumstances
What is the organization of "I will Praise the Lord at All Times"? by seasons, from winter to autumn and then morning to night
In "The Return of the Rangers" what is Captain Rogers' ultimate priority? He wants to personally help deliver food to his starving troops up the river
Who is the author of "I will Praise the Lord at All Times"? William Cowper
Who is the author of "The Return of the Rangers"? Kenneth Roberts
What is the climax or turning point of "I will Praise the Lord at All Times"? summer
What is Thomas Hardy's outlook on life? one of gloom
What is reflected in the power and simplicity of Cowper's best poetry? the Bible's influence on him
He was a New Englander who wrote nearly 100 hymn texts John Greenleaf Whittier
he was a successor to Walt Whitman's optimistic style; believed in the values of the "American Dream" Paul Engle
His writings are of great technical skill and emotional power but his works are marked by an appreciation of nature and a tone of despair. Thomas Hardy
journalist from Maine and one of America's most talented historical novelists. Kenneth Roberts
He can be quoted as saying, "God made the country, and man made the town." William Cowper
He wrote Love's Labour's Lost and Othello William Shakespeare
Created by: maiasaurus
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