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Tangerine w/s #7

(118) When Tangerine plays Palmetto they encounter nasty fans and players. Victor is focused. He appears to not hear the comments. Paul looks at Victor's face. What are his face and eyes expressing? rage
On page 119, we have 2 teams playing soccer, War Eagles and the Whippoorwills. Compare the soccer style between the 2 teams. Whippoorwills play dirty Whippoorwills tripping, throwing elbows and getting away with murder Eagles stay focused played the game, passed, set the ball to people who could score Played like a team
pg. 122 The fullback on the Palmetto team stretches out Paul's goggles and smears mud into his eyes. What was Paul's reaction? went berserk jumped on his pack and started pounding on the fullback
Pg. 124 The team is on the bus after winning the game and Victor give Paul a speech. What do you think Victor is trying to say to Paul? His team mates had his back they were now brothers
Joey calls after dinner. What announcement does he have for Paul? That he is coming to Tangerine Middle
Joey wants Paul to show him around Tangerine Middle but Paul suggested that he ask for Theresa Cruz. Why does Paul feel that Theresa Cruz needed to be the one to show Joey around? She was connected.
Page 129 Erik finally has a chance to kick the ball for the extra point. Instead, who comes onto the field to the Erik's ball holder? Antoine Thomas
Page 130 Erik goes to kick the ball. Just as Erik gets to the ball Antoine pulls the ball away. Why doesn’t he let Erik kick the ball? Antoine goes for 2-point conversion to win the game
Page 132 Even though Erik did not kick the winning point he was on the news. What did the sports broadcast show? Erik flying through he airs when he went to kick the missing football
Page 133 It’s the second game for the Tangerine Middle School soccer team and the team has an impressive turnout of fans. Who was there from Paul’s family to watch him play soccer? no one
Page 135 Why does the coach have to take Victor out of the game? His head would have reopened and he needed stiches
Created by: Tammy Gibson



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