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Java Script

Computer Science JS

Boolean A value that can be either True or False
String A list of characters surrounded by quotes used to represent text and computer programs
Semicolon indicates an end of statement which is JavaScript's way of knowing the instruction is spelled out completely.
Keyword a word with a special meaning in Java Script . Can not be used as variable names
Variables A way of giving a Java Script Value a name.
Execute To run a piece of code such as a program or function
Function A piece of code that bundles multiple statements (commands) so that they are all executed together
Increment To increase a value of a variable (usually by 1)
Infinite Loop A loop that never stops repeating
Loop A way to execute a piece of code multiple times
Java Script Console A place where you can test java script programs on Google Chrome by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J
Statement Another word for a Java Script command or instruction
Data Information you put into the computer
RGB An RGB color value is specified with: rgb(red, green, blue).
Syntax Error Produced when a script's format or shape is incorrect, a misspelling is found, or text is not recognized. Are also thrown when you have opened a command, but then do not close it.
Errors An error message box is displayed when something in the script's format or verbage disallows it to run. The two type of errors you'll encounter are called RunTime and Syntax errors.
Run-Time error An error that is produced when incorrect terms are used in the Javascript code. An incorrect command or out of sequence format will throw this type of error.
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