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Desktop Chapter 7

Advanced Formatting and Merging Publications with Data

Form letter Same basic content sent to many people but with different items such as name, address, etc. in the letter
data source or data file File that may contain a list of names, addresses, part numbers, customer purchase history, amounts due, email addresses, and a variety of additional data that may be used in a merged publication.
Watermark Semitransparent graphic that is visible in the background on a printed page.
Proportional spacing Different widths for different characters.
Monospacing Every letter is the same width.
Scaling or text scaling Process of shrinking or stretching text. It changes the width of individual characters in text boxes.
Tracking or character spacing The adjustment of the general spacing between selected characters.
Kerning or track kerning Form of tracking related to pairs of characters that can appear too close together or too far apart.
Ruler It appears above the Publisher workspace and contains buttons, markers, margins, and measurements to help you place text and objects.
Tab or tab stop horizontal location inside a text box designated by a tab stop marker on the Publisher ruler.
Tab stop marker Appears darkened on the ruler as a straight line, an L shaped marker, or a T shaped marker.
Margin marker Appears as either a gray pentagon or gray rectangle on the ruler.
First line indent marker Allows you to change the left margin for only the first line in a paragraph.
Tab selector Located at the end of the ruler.
Leader tab Special type of right tab in which the blank space to the left of the text is filled with a specific character.
To display the rulers your select what? CTRL-R, or click the rulers check box on the view tab|show group.
Can you change the units of measurement on the ruler in Publisher? Yes
What are watermarks used for? Decoration or identification
Special characters button Button on the home tab|paragraphs group that makes special non printing characters visible to help you format text passages.
Left tab Text begins at tab stop and is inserted to the right.
Right tab Text begins at tab stop and is inserted to the left.
Center tab Text is centered at the tab stop as it is typed.
Decimal tab Aligns numbers only, based on a decimal point, independent of the number of digits.
Leader tab Text begins at tab stop and is inserted to the left, space preceding the tab is filled with chosen character such as dot, dash, line, or bullet.
Default tab Set every 1/2 inch.
Record Each row in a data source file.
Header row or header record The first row of a data source.
Data field Each column in the data source file.
Field name Unique name for each data field.
Field code A placeholder text in the publication that shows Publisher where to insert the information from the data source.
To conserve ink or toner in your printer you should do what? Select Draft in the print quality button under printer properties.
Brightness Percentage of black or white added to a main color.
Contrast Saturation or intensity of color.
Recolor Color applies to all parts of the graphic.
Resetting Discards all the formatting changes you have made.
Compress Reduce the storage size of a publication by changing the internal size of the picture.
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