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Christmas Carol

The Christmas Carol 1, 2, 3 spirits

Describe the spirit of Christmas past His light represents merry past Christmases, he was wearing white, he was child- like, and has holly in his hand
What would cause the Spirit to hide its light under his hat The terribleness of the thing in this world
Why did the spirit visit Scrooge Scrooge was cruel
What was Scrooge's reaction to the spirit He was scared
How did young Scrooge change throughout his life Scrooge was timid and friendly but he became cruel and selfish
What may have caused Scrooge to turn his attention towards gold and away from people He didn't want to become poor
List the things that caused Scrooge to hate Christmas 1) He lost his f├Čance 2) He thinks Christmas is a waste of money 3) His father sent him away
Describe the ghost of Christmas present A jolly giant, glorious to see, with a glowing torch. He had a deep green robe bordered with white fur. He had a holly wreath. Dark- brown curls, genial face, sparking eyes, cheery voice, and a joyful air.
Describe Cratchet's home It had 4 rooms, feel free to add more
What does Mrs. Crachet have to say about Scrooge "The founder of the feast, indeed! I wish I had him here. I'd give him a peace of my mind to feast upon, and I hope he'd have a good appetite for it.
What does Fred think about Scrooge He's a comical old fellow, that's the truth; and not so pleasant as he might be. However, offenses carry their own punishment, and I have nothing to say against him.
What was the scariest Spirit The ghost of Christmas past. He didn't talk and he wore a scary black robe
What Spirit had the most effect on Scrooge Answers may vary
Describe the ghost of Christmas past He had a long boney finger, long black robe, rarely talks
How did Scrooge change He as cruel but came to love Christmas
How does Scrooge show he's sincere He keeps Christmas alive in his heart and remembers it all year
Make a prediction of how Scrooge's life will change
Created by: GuineaPigwca