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from the creators of jaws

whats bobs real name bobua
are saltypickles good no beause thre salty
how does it feel to chew 5 gum NoRMaL
when does santa come at night
daer siht ni a rorrim read it in a mirror
skus htam math sucks
if i were to be 10 in whitch im not i would do nothing because im 10
this is going to take really long to make so i am runnig out of ideas ok
i feel like this is a q&a so it will be ok
what is my name nanya biznez
ughh im bored ok
money is the root of all EVIL
Whats my favorite book The jungle book
whos the best youtuber JAKE PAUL
what happened to my gramama she got run over by a raindeer
where does santa go after christmas the south pole
what is the most firece dino in the world brontosours
April shower bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring pilgrims
whats the least famous country in the world Nauru with 200 people
Who plays Pokemon Go everyday Me
萌蒙檬盟锰猛梦孟眯醚靡糜迷谜弥米鞧谜燕鳍鞧谜燕鳍崛秘觅泌蜜密幂棉眠绵冕免勉娩缅面苗描瞄藐秒渺庙妙蔑 HUH?!?
Who the second best youtuber bluethinggaming so make sure to subscribe and like
whats better fortnite or overwatch fortnite
what does the character tracer come from overwatch
whats the answer to question 5 DEEZ NUTZ
Created by: Saltypickles1
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