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sports medicine 2

review for EOC

true/false if false make it true the spine is composed of 45 bones false: it is composed of 33
true/false if false make it true in the lower leg the fibula bears off the wieght false: tibia
a person that complains a lot of pain and stiffness,it hurts more while sitting down is called what A. chondromelacia B.scoliosis C.spinal sprain D.all the above A.
how many cervical vertebrae are there?? 7
how many thoracic vertebrae are there?? 12
how many lumbar vertebrae are there?? 5
how many total vertebrae's are there 26
What are the two primary or convex curves seen in the vertebral column? 1. Thoracic 2. Sacral
true/false The coccyx is 3 to 5 bones fused together to form one. true
the shoulder is what type of bone ball and socket
the main components of the cornea is?? to let light pass through the retna
What are the two secondary or compensatory curves seen in the vertebral column?? 1. Cervical 2. Lumbar
Convex curve -with respect to posterior- are characteristics of what part of the vertebral column? Thoracic & Sacrum
Concave curve -with respect to posterior- are characteristics of what part of the vertebral column? cervical and lumbar
An abnormal lateral curvature seen in the thoracic lumbar spine is called scoliosis
What are the two main parts of a typical vertebra? body and vertebral arch
The spinal canal starts in the ____ _____ of the brain and extends down the ___ ___ _ __vertebra, where it tapers and ends. 1. Medulla oblongata 2. Lower Border of L1
In what angle on a cervical vertebrae are the zygapophyseal joints visible? 90 degrees
Created by: smib3866