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cis 377

For defense in depth, a company must have multiple layers of security controls and safeguards. true
Guidelines ​are more detailed statements of what must be done to comply with policy. false
A__________ plan for the organization’s intended strategic efforts over the next several years strategic
What is the description of ISSP? -addresses specific areas of technology -requires frequent updates -states organization's position on specific issue
What is a description of SysSP? -includes managerial guidance -implements ACL -maintains configuration rules policies
Which is a technical control? -Access control -Encryption -firewalls
What a firewall can do? full protect the network against virus
Proxy server is used for what mode of firewall processing? Application gateways
What protocol is used for circuit gateway firewall? SOCKS
Which firewall use a state table to track connection between internal and external systems ? Stateful inspection firewalls
What is an example of intrusion? -crack the passwords -launch virus -steal confidential data
A(n) __________ is an event that triggers an alarm when no actual attack is in progress. false attack stimulus
What are descriptions of host-based IDPS? -works on the principles of configuration -monitor CPU use -monitor the status of key system files
what is a description of NIDS? -requires sensors -collect source/destination IP addresses -monitors web or FPT server
honeypot that has been protected so it cannot be easily compromised ? -Padded cell
__________ are encrypted messages that can be mathematically proven to be authentic. digital signature
Hash functions create a message digest by converting variable-length messages into binary false
The ______________ cipher simply rearranges the values within a block to create the ciphertext. transportation
Public key concept is used in which encryption? asymmetric
What are a components of PKI? -CA -RA -certificates