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CCNA 3-4 Connection

Connections and Protocols (L2/L3)

Central Offices (CO) are buildings where Telcos put their equipment
Customer Premis Equipment (CPE) including router, serial interface cars and CSU/DSU
CSU/DSU Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit... a digital interface device used to connect Data Termninal Equipment (DTE). CSU is responsible for connecting to the telecommuications network, and the DSU is resposible for managing the interface of the DTE
HDLC High-Level Data-Link Control is one of the two main data-link protocols used in leased lines(WAN links).. its a bit oriented syncronous data link layer protocol developed by ISO. Provides encapsulation and error-checking for PPP
PPP Point-to-Point protocol is one of the two main data-link protocols used in leased lines...used to establish a direction connection between two nodes
ISO International Organization for Standardization..Organization that has developed protocols for Networking standards such as the OSI model and HDCL datalink protocol
Point of Presence.(PoP) .The local access point for an Internet service provider (ISP).
Leased line A serial communications circuit btwn 2 pts, provided by some service provide. The telco doesn't sell a physical cable btwn the 2 endpts, instead charging a monthly fee for the ability to send bits btwn the two sites, this is a leased service.
telco Telecommunication Company abreviation
Serial Interface Any type of interface on a router that is use to connect to WAN links...particularly leased lines and frame relay access links
DSL Digital Subscriber Line. Public network technology that delivers high bandwidth over conventional telco local-loop copper wiring at limited distances. Typically used as an Internet access technology, connecting a user to an ISP.
cable television An Internet access technology that uses a cable TV (CATV) cable, normally used for video, to send and receive data.
Ethernet over MPLS EoMPLS... A term referring specifically to how a service provider can create an Ethernet WAN service using an MPLS network. More generally, a term referring to Ethernet WAN services.
service provider a company that provides any form of WAN connectivity including internet service
Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) cables are the cables that are normally btwn a router and an external CSU/DSU
Ethernet Frame Layout Preamble.SFD.Source Address.Destination Address.Type.L3PDU.FCS
HDCL Frame Layout Flag.Address.Control.Type.L3PDU.FCS ....Cisico equipment adds the type feild to the head, normally it is not included
Ethernet Emulation a ethernet WAN service that means at the links acts as a single Ethernet link
What are the pros and cons for leased lines Pros: simple for the customer, widely available, high quality, and private...Cons: higher cost, greater installment time
What are the benefits for Ethernet? Pros: Cheeper, shorter installment time, many extral services (SD-WAN, MPLS, ect.)
What are the three types of WAN links? 1. Leased serial line, 2. Packet-switched (frame relay), and 3. Circuit-switched (POTS)
What is Packet-Switched connection best suited for? it is a cheaper alternative to leased lines because it remains open into a cloud network of switches used by many clients... it is best for occasional burst transfers
What is circuit-switched best used for? the devices are only connected when needed, usually by a call through a telco copper circuit. It offers the lowest BW
What does DCE stand for? data communication equipment
What does DTE stand for? Data terminal equipment, the PC or router
What does CPE stand for? Customer Premis Equipment is the stuff on-site, no matter who owns it
What does DSU stand for? Data service unis is the T! adaptor &timing device
What does CSU stand for? channel servic unit is the digital connector
What does CO stand for? Central office, the provider's nearest POP
What is Demarc? Demarc is the point where the CPE and the Local loop meet
What is LAPB? Link Access Procedure, Balance is a variant of HDCL that provides heavy error-checking for DTE-DCE connections (L1/L2)
What is ISDN and the features? Integrated Services Digital Network (L1/L2/L3) is a protocol used on circuit-switched networks like (POTS)... Features: synchronous serial, 100% digital from end to end, higher speeds than dial up, can carry voice, audio, and video
What is PPP? Point-to-point Protocol provides "fake Eth" L2 encapsulation for L3 contents over a modem or serial PP link (router-router, host-host)...used mostly for circuit-switched nets either on an async (dial up) or synchronous (ISDN) link
What is Frame Relay? is a connection-oriented industry standard to replace Eth & other LAN Frames --to provide transparent transmission across packet-switched nets -best effort delivery and allows for dynamic BW allocation
What situation is Frame Relay good for? when the network has bursty traffic with reliable connections (not for voice or video)
What are the L2 parts in PPP? 1. Network Control Protocol (NCP), 2. Link Control Protocol (LCP), and 3. generic HDLC
What is NCP? Network Control Protocol is part of PPP L2 used to identify the L3 contents
What is LCP? Link Control Protocol is part of PPP L2 used to make/break connections using PAP or CHAP authentication, compression, error-checking, and load splittion
What is PAP and CHAP? PAP (password authentication protocol) - clear text password authentication CHAP (challenge handshake authentication protocol) - a three-way handshake, which is more secure than PAP
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