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Literature Exam 2017

ambitious wanting honor and success
bellowed shouted
bewildered confused
corrupted spoiled;ruined
dislodging removing;freeing
lurching rocking;swaying
mock pretend
pondering thinking;meditating
romp to play in a rough and noisy way
stodgy dull;slow
thronging crowding;pressing together
vapors gases;fumes
adhered obeyed;held on
blase relaxed;laid back
induce encourage;cause
introspective thoughtful;reflective
maintained kept
pedestrian a person who is walking
procession march;parade
barren bare;empty
frail weak;thin
presentable respectable
anticipation hope;expectation
asset benefit;advantage
dawdle to move slowly and without a purpose
dithering indecisiveness;wavering
diverged split or departed from each other
ecstatic thrilled;overjoyed
nonchalant casual;relaxed
pompous arrogant;self-important
sauntered strolled;walked in a slow, relaxed way
spoof parody;a humorous imitation
billows large or surging waves
dismal gloomy;dreary
sulkily in a moody or sullen way
contemplated studied;considered
inevitably unavoidably;predictably
intently with great concentration
interval pause;space of time
preoccupied lost or absorbed in thought
vaguely unclearly
urgency pressure;insistence
anonymous nameless;unidentified
compassionate kind;caring
compromise settle for less than originally wanted
customary usual;commonly done
ferocity fierceness;intensity
legacy inheritance;hand-me-down
rummaged hunted;searched
stability permanence;solidness
abominably horribly;dreadfully
appalling terrible;horrifying
ardent enthusiastic;passionate
aroused stirred up;awakened
devastating destructive
discharging letting go of
infested overrun with insects;bug-ridden
laudable worthy of praise
patriotism devotion to country;nationalism
recruiting enrolling or signing up
self-reliant independent;self-sufficient
soberly seriously;solemnly
stagnant unmoving;moving slowly
unsophisticated simple;unrefined
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