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Cannery Row

Final review

Mack Leader of group of the boys Generous and charming. Can also be manipulative. Mack’s change to being more generous after he gets beat up represents how generosity and companionship can help achieve goals.
Doc Plagued by loneliness throughout the story. Works at western biological Generous and patient nature.
Lee Chong Owns grocery store Maintains peaceful relationships in the community Understanding of the external struggles.
Dora Owns Bear Club Restaurant and Whorehouse Strict business woman Houses brothel Generous during flu and understanding to Mack and the boys
Old Chinaman Lonely and an exile of Cannery Row Scares everyone. Andy looks into his eyes.
Captain Kicks Mack off of Property Is charmed by Mack and is allowed to stay on property. Has a politician wife that doesn’t like him drinking. Is lonely in marriage and finds acceptance in the companionship Mack and the Boys offer.
Captain's wife Political Will be angry when the damage is seen.
Darling The dog. Given by Captain in exchange for comradery and Mack’s treatment to the mother. Source of renewal for the Row
Henri Painter Can not keep the company of a woman similar to Mack Makes boats but is scared of the water
Hazel Mack's Boy, He likes the sound of conversation, but not talking itself. Helps Doc
Eddie Mack's Boy Bartender at La Ida Makes punch
Hughie Mack's Boy
Gay Phenomenal mechanic skills that fix Lee's Model T Ends up in jail
Mr. and Mrs. Malloy Live in boiler. Mrs. Malloy wants curtains, but they have no windows. Mr. Malloy is a landlord. Mrs. Malloy is discontent.
Frankie Steals a clock for Doc’s party A nickel and beating are roughly the same to him. Abusive childhood. Institutionalized. Not wanted at school.
Richard Frost Rich man and friend of Docs
Tom Talbot A writer who doesn’t have a lot of success.
Mary Talbot A woman who has parties with cats. Possibly due to loneliness caused by bad marriage.
William Dora’s previous bouncer Killed himself with an ice pick.
Alfred Dora’s current bouncer.
Created by: AlanMGM