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Final review

Esperanza Narrator Matures sexually and physically throughout the story. Common characteristics: Feels imprisoned, ashamed, somewhat depressed, maybe even afraid. Feels like she does not belong. A writer.
Nenny Esperanza’s sister Sometimes acts immature, which creates difficulties between Esperanza and her friends. Wants to know if the music box is for sale.
Esperanza’s great grandmother Gives Esperanza her name. Was trapped by a window by her husband.
Sally Sexually bold Physically abusive father (religious reasons) Seeks sex to escape the abuse and lack of love from her family. Married before the eighth grade to controlling spouse
Mama and Papa Parents of Esperanza Mama - born and raised in the US, strong will yet not very influential on her daughter Papa - Originally from Mexico, works most of the time, rarely home
Alicia Attends college Her mother died, takes care of household chores Example of trying to change her outcome from within
Carlos and Keeky Esperanza’s little brothers
Cathy Not from Mexico or Latin America Moves away a week after Esperanza moves in Queen of cats Says neighborhood is getting bad because lower class people are moving in, like Esperanza, Lucy and Rachel.
Lucy & Rachel Rachel wants 5 dollars to Esperanza’s friend. Esperanza’s best friends Live across the street
Meme (Juan) Ortiz Real name is Juan Has dog with two names Wins First Annual Tarzan Jumping Contest by jumping from a tree, but breaks both his arms.
Minerva Married Most similar to Esperanza, they share their poetry Two years older than Esperanza, but is already married and has two children
Sire Esperanza’s first crush Parents do not approve
Three sisters Meet Esperanza at Rachel and Lucy’s baby sister’s funeral Suggested in advice to Esperanza to return to Mango Street after leaving Three Sages
Louie The eldest sibling in a Puerto Rican family that lives in the basement of the Ortiz house. His second cousin stole a yellow Cadillac and drove his cousins and Esperanza and her friends.
Marin One of Louie’s cousins A young woman from Puerto Rico who lives with her cousin’s family. She sells makeup for Avon and teaches Esperanza and her friends about the world of boys. Last person to see Geraldo alive before his death. Danced with him.
Aunt Lupe Used to be super healthy but now is not Listens to Esperanza’s poetry and is kind to her. Blind and bed ridden, mocked by Esperanza and her friends. On the day that Esperanza and her friends play the game where they imitate someone (Lupe on that day)
Created by: AlanMGM