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easy prepare/pray

questions from the prepare and pray curriculum

Where were the Robinson's from? Switzerland
How many sons were in the Robinson's family? Four
Who was the oldest son? Fritz
Who was the youngest son? Franz
Who was the second son? Ernest
Who was the third son? Jack
What happened to the Robinson's ship? It was shipwrecked in a storm
How did the Robinson's escape? They made a contrivance out of barrels and other odds and ends.
What did the family do when it seemed they would drown? They prayed
What did Mrs. Robinson bring with her to land? A bag full of seeds
Why did Ernest have to give his food to the dogs? He was selfish
What important thing did the family almost forget before Father and Fritz set off to explore the island? To pray
Who were Turk and Juno? The dogs
How did Mr. Robinson show forgiveness? By searching for the sailors from the ship
When were the Robinson's thankful? When they prayed after landing safely on shore of the island.
What is a mastiff? A breed of very large dogs
What is a hogshead? A big barrel
What is the stern of a ship? The back of the ship
What is the bow of a ship? The front of the ship
What did John Bunyan write? Pilgrim's Progress
What is the story of Pilgrim's Progress? It is the story of the Christian's journey to Heaven.
Who was David Brainerd? A missionary to the Native Americans in the 1700's.
How old was David Brainerd when he died? 29 years old
Who preached "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"? Jonathan Edwards
How does Jonathan Edward's sermon picture the unsaved? As though they are dangling over hell by a spiderweb
What did Jonathan Edwards do after being a pastor? He was a missionary to Native Americans.
What year did the Pilgrims sail to the New World? 1620
Why did the Pilgrims come to America? To worship God freely
What ship did the Pilgrims sail on? the Mayflower
Who were Marcus and Narcissa Whitman? Missionaries that traveled the Oregon Trail and brought the gospel to Native Americans.
What simple machine is a teeter-totter? A lever and fulcrum
Some of the nine survival essentials are... prayer, the will to live, oxygen, fire, food, shelter and clothing.
Where do penguins live? Antarctica
What colors are penguins? Black and white
The salvation of many people after hearing "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" began what movement? The Great Awakening
generousity is... giving a gift which requires personal sacrifice
Where did Mrs. Robinson want to build their home? In a fig tree
A carnivore is a meat-eater
A herbivore is a plant-eater
A omnivore is a meat and plant-eater
How did Mrs. Robinson make a needle? With bone and a porcupine quill
What is a typical desert pack animal in the Middle East? A camel
How did Mr. Robinson build the bridge? With a pulley
Three characteristics of birds are feathers, warm-blooded, and egg layers.
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