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NESA Herb Comp 09.8

NESA Herb Comp 09 Formula Stop Bleeding, Stabilize/Bind

Shi Hui San Fire Blazing in UB/MB w/ acute sudden vomiting, spitting or coughing blood, nosebleed, large volume bright red blood
Huai Hua San DH Toxin or WH toxin accumulating in Intestines w/ bright red rectal bleeding preceding stool, hemorrhoids
Xiao Ji Yin Zi Blood/Heat Lin & heat accumulating in LB/BL collaterals w/ Acute Lin & burning urination
Qing Re Zhi Beng Tang Uterine Bleeding & Heta entering LV Channel Blood level w/ abnormal uterine bleeding/gushing w/ thinker bright red blood
Huang Tu Tang SP Yang Def & failure to hold Blood w/ chronic bleeding, bloody stools, nosebleeds, cold extremities
Jiao Ai Tang Injured/Def Chong & Ren & Blood Def & Cold in Womb w/ ab pain w/ uterine bleeding, excess menses, spotting, pale thin blood w/o clots
Yu Ping Feng San Ext Def & Weak/unstable LU/Wei Qi w/ spontaneous sweat, aversion to wind, frequent colds
Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang Raging Fire from Yin Def w/ fever, severe whole body nightsweats, irritable, thirst
Zhen Ren Yang Zang Tang SP/KD Yang Def w/ chronic unremitting diarrhea/dysentery, ab pain better w/ warmth, fatigue
Si Shen Wan SP/KD Yang Def w/ chronic daybreak diarrhea, sore low back/knees, no interest in food
Sang Piao Xiao San KD/HT Qi Def w/ frequent urination, incontinence, rice water urine, spermatorrhea, palps, anxiety, insomnia
Suo Quan Wan KD Qi Def, Cold/Def BL & BL loss of restraint w/ frequent clear prolonged urination w/ weak broken stream or high volume
Gu Chong Tang SP Qi Def & Chong Def w/ chronic abnormal uterine bleeding or menorrhagia w/ gushing or trickling
Wan Dai Tang SP Def & Dampness, LV Qi Constraint w/ profuse, continuous, thin, clear/white vaginal discharge, loose stools, easy weight gain
Created by: clehmann