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NESA Herb Comp 09.7

NESA Herb Comp 09 Formula Regulate Qi, Invigorate Blood

Yue Ju Wan Mild cases of 6 types of Constraint w/ focal distension, fixed pain, acid reflux, cough, indigestion, bitter taste
Ban Xia Hou Po Tang Qi/Phlegm stagnate in throat w/ Plum Pit Qi, worse with stress
Liang Fu Wan LV Qi Stagnation & Cold in ST w/ acute/chronic epi pain better w/ warm, painful menses
Jin Ling Zi San Pain from LV Constraint & interior Heat w/ hypoch/epi pain worse w/ hot food, red tongue yellow coat, rapid pulse
Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang Phlegm cold obstruct LU & KD Yang Def unable to grasp w/ cough/wheeze & watery sputum, SOB w/ labored inhale, LBP, knees
Ding Chuan Tang Phlegm heat in interior LU & mild WC constrain ext w/ cough/wheeze w/ coious thick, yellow sputum, simultaneous fever/chills
Ju Pi Zhu Run Tang ST Def & Heat w/ hiccough, nausea, dry heaves
Tao He Cheng Qi Tang TaiYang Organ & Blood buildup in LB w/acute fixed low ab pain, delirious speech, irritable, manic
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang Blood stasis in chest & LV Qi constraint w/ chronic fixed piercing HA, chest pain, depression, hiccough, purple lips
Shi Xiao San Blood Stasis in low/mid ab or chest/epi w/ irregular or painful menses, acute colicky pain in low ab, dark/purple tongue
Bu Yang Huan Wi Tang BS & normal Qi Def w/ sequelae of wind stroke, facial paralysis, dry stools, frequent urine
Sheng Hua Tang Postpartum BS in womb & Cold entering Ab w/ retention of lochia, cold/pain in low back/ab, purple tongue w/ spots
Wen Jing Tang Def of Ren & Chong vessels & BS, Deficiency w/ mild persistent uterine bleeding, irreg menses, infertility, warm palms/soles, dry mouth
Fu Yuan Huo Xie Tang BS & Qi stagnation b/c Trauma w/ very acute excruciating pain in chest, flanks, hypo
Created by: clehmann