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chap17 western civ

Study Questions

Louis XIV's court at Versailles was designed to serve all of the following purposes EXCEPT to serve as a final defensive bastion in case of invasion
Developing the country's bureaucracy gave Louis increased ability to do all of the following EXCEPT disenfranchise the traditional nobility.
Louis' foreign policy resulted in only marginal gains, at great cost.
Louis XIV's domestic policy included all of the following EXCEPT transforming the aristocracy into a compulsory service class.
France's main problems during the leadership of Louis XV were special privileges and finance
After Louis XIV, the French monarchy was troubled by all of the following EXCEPT incessant warfare (thanks to Louis XV's dynastic ambitions in Spain).
Leopold I of Austria's rule was characterized by all of the following EXCEP strong efforts to make imperial rule effective in Germany.
Frederick William made Brandenburg-Prussia into a power in Germany by all of the following EXCEPT gaining the title of King in Prussia and making Berlin into a cosmopolitan social and cultural center.
International competition spurred internal state-building because an efficient bureaucracy, prosperous economy, and stable society were the foundations of military power.
Frederick William I did all of the following EXCEPT fight a war.
Frederick the Great was all of the following EXCEPT a God-fearing German Protestant.
The Habsburgs faced all of the following difficulties in forging their empire EXCEPT the loss of a number of provinces because Hungarian troops and British gold proved insufficient support.
Maria Theresa accomplished all of the following EXCEPT found new monasteries.
Spain remained an important international player in the eighteenth century because of its powerful navy and overseas possessions.
Peter the Great accomplished all of the following during his reign EXCEPT establishing Russia as a major presence in the Black Sea.
The chaos and disunity that marked Poland until it ceased to be a state was the direct result of the old landed aristocracy's blockage of attempts to centralize the government
William III attempted but failed to establish a standing army.
All of the following both contributed to and resulted from England's economic prosperity EXCEPT Tory dominance in politics.
All of the following changes took place in eighteenth-century Britain EXCEPT the House of Commons came to be dominated by landowners and leading townsmen.
The main difference between Hobbes and Locke was that Locke argued the sovereign is a party to the contract, and may be overthrown if he breaks it.
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