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NESA Herb Comp 09.6

NESA Herb Comp 09 Formula Warm Interior, Tonify

Dang Gui Si Ni Tang Cold in channels & Underlying Blood Def w/ chronic cold hands/feet, pale tongue, LBP, painful period
Li Zhong Wan ST/SP Cold & Yang Qi Def (Taiyin) w/ Chronic/acute diarrhea w/ watery stool, ab pain better w/ warm & pressure
Wu Zhu Yu Tang 1 Cold from ST Def w/ vomit after eating, indeterminate gnawing hunger
Wu Zhu Yu Tang 2 Cold from ST/LV Def w/ dry heaves, spitting clear fluids, vertex HA
Wu Zhu Yu Tang 3 Cold attacking MB w/ vomit, mild diarrhea, cold hands/feet, severe irritable
Xiao Jian Zhong Tang Consumptive d/o & MB Yang Def w/ disharmony btwn Qi/Blood, Yin/Yang, Wei/Ying w/ chronic intermittent spasm ab pain
Da Jian Zhong Tang Very intense Cold from Def w/ acute excruciating epi/ab pain, tight slow pulse
Si Ni Tang KD/SP Yang Def & internal Cold w/ cold extremities to elbow/knee, sleep with knees drawn, stool undigested food
Si Jun Zi Tang SP Qi Def w/ pallid complexion, low soft voice, fatigue, loose stools
Liu Jun Zi Tang SP Qi Def & Phlegm w/ fatigue, loose stool, nausea/vomit, distension
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San SP Qi Def & Dampness accumulation w/ loose stools, white profuse leucorrhea, greasy tc
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang SP/ST Qi Def or Yang Qi Sinking w/ intermittent fever, spontaneous day sweat, aversion to cold, thirst, flooding pulse
Sheng Mai San LU Qi & Yin Def w/ chronic cough w/ sparse, difficult sputum, SOB, pale or red tongue
Si Wu Tang Blood Def w/ dizzy, blurry, lusterless complexion, thin & wiry or choppy pulse
Gui Pi Tang SP Qi/HT Blood Def w/ palps, insomnia, fatigue, chronic bleeding, loose stools
Zhu Gan Cao Tang 1 HT Yin, Qi, Blood, Yang Def w/ palps, maybe anxiety, irritable, insomnia
Zhu Gan Cao Tang 2 LU Qi & Yin Def causing LU atrophy w/ Dry cough, blood streaked sputum, SOB
Ba Zhen Tang Concurrent Qi & Blood Def w/ pallid complexion, low appetite, fatigue, vertigo, pale tongue
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan KD/LV Yin Def w/ vertigo, hot palms/soles, red tongue w/o coat, rapid thin pulse
Zuo Gui Wan Severe KD Yin, Essence, Marrow Def w/ vertigo, tinnitus, weak LB/knees, red peeled tongue
Da Bu Yin Wan Hyperactivity of Fire & Yin Def w/ tidal fever, night sweats, hemoptysis
Yi Guan Jian KD/LV Yin Def & Qi Stagnation w/ chronic dull hypoch/chest pain, epi/ab distension
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan KD Yang Def w/ LBP, weak/cold lower body, excess urination, very tired, pitting edema
You Gui Wan KD Yang Def & Gate of Vitality Fire Waning w/ LBP, weak/cold lower body, excess urination, very tired, pitting edema
Created by: clehmann