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Christmas Carol 1

The Christmas Carol questions and analysis for stave 1

Who is Jacob Marley and when did he die Jacob was Scrooge's deceased partner from the counting house. He died 7 years ago on Christmas Eve
What is the gruel that Scrooge eats Gruel is a cheap watery porridge
How does Scrooge show comic relief, why does Dickens include this Scrooge says Marley is more gravy than grave. Scrooge says this to distract him from his terror
He does Marley convince Scrooge that he is real He raised a frightful cry, and shook his chains with a dismal and appalling noise
What does Marley fell his job should have been To help the common man
Why do the ghosts did misery They regretted not helping others when they were alive
What is Scrooge's chance of hope top escape Marley's fate H has a chance to Chang hood waits after the visit of the three spirits
What is a stave, why are Dickens ' chapters called staves A section in music and a chapter in the Christmas Carol, to show the changes of the book
What does Dickens use a reference as an allusion about Marley and his death It's comparing it to something else to make out believable
How can people profit from things that lead no monitarey value Yes, because people are happy and charitable
For people at WCA To study for bible to to 'the Beckett family' study stack
Created by: GuineaPigwca