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NESA Herb Comp 09.5

NESA Herb Comp 09 Formula Expel Damp

Wu Ling San 1 TY Organ in SI/BL channels w/ acute dysuria, irritable, strong thirst
Wu Ling San 2 Int accumulation of water/damp & SP Def w/ low body edema, heaviness, vomit
Wu Ling San 3 Retention of congested fluids in LB w/ throbbing pulse below umbilicus, frothy saliva vomit
Wu Pi San Skin edema & SP Def, Dampness, Qi stagnation w/ general edema, heaviness, labored breathing
Zhu Ling Tang Water (80) & Heat(20) clumping injures Yin w/ acute/chronic dysuria, fever, thirst
Ping Wei San DC Stagnation in SP/ST w/ acute/chronic distension in ab, fatigue, loose stools
Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San Ext WC & internal damp stagnation w/ acute fever/chills, HA, chest fullness, diarrhea
San Ren Tang Early damp/summerheat w/ damp more & EPF in Wei/Qi w/ acute foggy HA, very tired
Gan Lu Xiao Du San Damp/summerheat w/ damp equal to heat in Qi w/ acute fever, achy limbs
Yin Chen Hao Tan Yang type or DH jaundice & DH accumulate interior w/ acute tangerine jaundice
Ba Zheng San Heat Lin & DH in LB w/ frequent dark scanty urine w/ sharp burning
Er Miao San DH lodged in LB w/ scanty yellow urine, LBP, thick yellow foul leucorrhea
Zhen Wu Tang KD/SP Yang Def & retention of fluid water w/ ab pain worse w/ cold, pitting edema
Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang WCD in Ext/Muscle layers w/ acute heavy/painful head, can’t rotate trunk
Juan Bi Tang WCD Bi obstructs joints/channels w/ acute/chronic joint pain, numbness in limbs
Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang WCD Bi & KD/LV Qi/Blood Def w/ chronic heaviness & fixed pain, LB stiffness
Created by: clehmann