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Design Ms. Gore


A shape is a path that consists of straight and/or curved line segments connected by: Anchor points
To make the arms of a star longer while drawing it, ____________ away from the center of the star. Command-drag (Mac OS) or Ctrl-drag (Windows)
You can apply the Live Shapes feature for a rounded rectangle when ___________ of the points on the object are selected. A None B Some C One D All - The answer is ALL
Pressing which key changes the number of sides of a polygon while you are drawing the shape by clicking and dragging with the Polygon tool? The up or down arrow keys
What will dragging an anchor point of a rectangle object disable? The Live Shapes feature only
What is the term used for the inside color of an object? Fill color
Which swatch would you click to apply a transparent fill or stroke? The None swatch
You can only see the stroke of a path if it: has a weight applied
Where can you position a stroke? A Inside of the path B Outside of the path C Center of the path D All of these answers are correct - The answer is ALL
Which corner style would you choose to create a pointed corner? Miter join
What should you do to create solid lines if the black lines connecting the markers on the Edit color wheel are dashed? Click the Link Harmony Colors icon
To duplicate an object, select the object with the Selection tool and hold the ______________, then drag a copy and release the mouse. Alt key
What controls the shape of the curve on a curved path segment? Direction Handles
What is the best way to change one end of an ellipse shape so that it becomes pointed? Select an anchor point and click Convert selected anchor points to corner
Which tool is the Scale tool grouped with? Shear tool
In Illustrator, it's often easier to: reshape a basic object than to draw the same shape from scratch
When you create a new object, which layer is it placed on by default? The currently selected layer
How can you restack objects without selecting them? By moving layer listings on the Layers panel
Before you can use guides, you'll need to make sure which of these menu items is enabled? View > Rulers > Show Rulers
When do Smart guides appear when you are in Artboard mode? A When you create a new artboard B When you resize an artboard C When you reposition an artboard D All of these answers are correct - D us the Answer - all the answers are correct
What is the keyboard shortcut to display the rulers? Command + R (Mac OS) or Ctrl + R (Windows)
What happens when you Option-Shift-drag (Mac OS) or Alt-Shift-drag (Windows) with the Ellipse tool selected? Draw a circle from its center
Which of these temporarily previews the united shape as you drag with the Shape Builder tool? A red border
Which of these are both Selection options in the Shape Builder Tool Options dialog box? Straight Line and Freeform
What is the keyboard shortcut to repeat transforming objects in perspective? Ctrl + D (Windows) or Command + D (Mac OS)
Which of these are all Shape Mode icon options in the upper portion of the Pathfinder panel? Unite, Minus Front, Intersect, Exclude
How do you create a compound shape rather than a single path? Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) the Unite icon
What does clicking on the Expand button on the Pathfinder panel do? Converts any selected compound shape into a single path or a compound path
What Shape Mode option hides all non-overlapping areas of selected objects? Intersect
What does the Pathfinder Divide command do? Converts overlapping areas into separate, non-overlapping objects
By default, an effect is applied to: an entire object
Where would you go to save an Effect as a Style for repeated use? The Graphic Style panel
Which tool is the Twirl tool located under in the Tools panel? Width too
Why are the Warp, Twirl, Pucker and Bloat tools used more frequently than the other Liquify tools? They make it easier to control the applied distortion
How can you modify just one side of the variable width of an object with the Width tool? Alt-drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Mac OS) a width handle
To create a custom width profile preset, select the object and click: Add To Profiles in the Control panel
To group objects together, select two or more objects that are being used to create an element or shape and then: Both answers 1 (A) and 2 (B) are correct - A Press Ctrl+G (Windows) or Cmd+G (Mac OS) B Choose Object > Group
When working with objects in isolation mode, use the Direct Selection tool to do what? To select and edit a point or segment on an isolated object
When using the Select > Same options, what will Fill Color search for? One attribute only
When you are using the pen tool and want to leave a path open, you can: Ctrl-click Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS)
What is created when you click and drag with the Pen tool selected? Smooth points and curved segments
To produce smooth, symmetrical curves, where should you place the points? At the beginning and end of each arc
At what point can a corner point on a path be converted to a curved point? At any time
To add a point to a selected path, roll the Pen tool over a segment and: click when the plus sign (+) indicator appears
Once you have drawn a line using the pencil tool, it: lays the Anchor points
In the Pencil Tool Options dialog box, drag the Fidelity slider toward Smooth when you want to: loosely follow the mouse movements and decrease the number of points on the path
Created by: Sheniford