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TKM 1-7 Vocab

aloof not friendly; cool; distant
amiable friendly
apprehensive anxious or fearful that something bad may happen
ascertain to find out something for certain; make sure of
asinine extremely stupid or foolish
assuage to make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense; to ease
auspicious conducive to success; favorable
benevolence kindness
contentious controversial; likely to cause an argument
dictum a formal pronouncement from an authority
disapprobation strong disapproval
dispensation exemption from a rule
foolhardy recklessly bold or rash
fraught filled with or destined to result in
illicit forbidden by laws, rules, or custom
impotent powerless
imprudent not showing care for consequences
indigenious native; originating in a particular place
iniquity immoral or grossly unfair behavior
magisterial having or showing great authority
malevolent evil
nebulous hazy; unclear; vague
prediliction a preference or special liking for something
prowess skill or expertise in a particular field
sojourn a temporary stay
stingy unwilling to spend money; cheap
tacit understood or implied
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