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Gr 7 Tech

slide thumbnails display of words and graphics
slide pane where you do most of the work for moving slides
status bar which side is displayed and total number of slide
transistion the way each slide appear
animation text and graphics that have motion
normal veiw view you use most
notes page slides on top and notes on bottam
slide sorter thumbnails so you can easily rearrange
slide show full screen
slide layout how objects are placed on a slide
default layout includes place holders for titles, text, and content
slide show veiw press F5
you can print handouts with ___________________ slides per a page 2, 3, 4, 6, or 9
templates already formatted with certain themes, graphics, color, font,and layout
Insert>text>header and footer add to the slides to the the notes and handout
theme predesigned graphic styles and in design tab
how to do a theme on only one slide Design>themes>right click and choose apply to selected slides
slide master controls the formatting for all slides
how to get to slide master view>slide master
how to duplicate a slide right click duplicate slide
place holders reserve space
change case button changes the case of the text
change layout Home>slides>layout button
6 objects table, chart, smart art, picture, online picture, video
hyperlink allows you to jump to another slide, file, or website
custom animation entrance, exit, emphasis, motion paths
slide transitions use slide sorter veiw
how to add an animation click add animation or click animation pane
how to get to smart art Insert>smartart
you can_____________smart art animate
how to get to word art Insert>text>word art
chart visual way to display data
data sheet worksheet that appears with the chart
tables info in rows and columns
how to get a table insert>table
grouping allows you to work with several objects
Created by: mmaples