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Why is stranded wire used rather than solid wire in most powerplant electrical systems? Solid wire is likely to break when it is subjected to vibration.
What two things must be considered in selection of wire size when making an electrical installation in an aircraft? The current-carrying capability of the wire and the amount of voltage drop that is caused by current flowing through the wire.
Why are the wires in certain electrical installations twisted together? By twisting the wires together, the magnetic fields caused by current flowing in the wires are minimized.
What is used to protect a wire bundle from chafing where it passes through a hole in a bulkhead or frame? A grommet around the edges of the hole.
How are electrical wires protected where they pass through an area of high temperature? Wires passing through these areas are insulated with high temperature insulation, and the wires are enclosed in some type of protective conduit.
What is the minimum separation that is allowed between a wire bundle and a fluid line that carries combustible fluid or oxygen? A minimum of six inches.
What is the significance of the color of the solderless connectors that are used on electrical wires? The color of the insulation indicates the size of wire the connector will fit. Red terminals fit 22- through 18-gage wire, blue terminals fit 16- and 14-gage wire, and yellow terminals fit 12- and 10-gage wire.
What is the maximum number of wire terminals that may be stacked on a single stud in a terminal strip? Four.
What is the purpose of the shielding that is used to encase some electrical wires? Shielding intercepts radiated electromagnet energy and carries it to ground so it will not interfere with any nearby sensitive electronic equipment.
Why must a switch be derated if it is used in a circuit controlling a DC electric motor? The initial current flowing into a DC electric motor is much higher than the current the motor uses after the armature begins to rotate. Because of this high inrush current, the controlling switches must be derated.
What is used as the rectifier to produce direct current in a DC generator? Brushes and a commutator.
How does a vibrator-type voltage regulator control the output voltage of a DC generator? The contacts vibrate open and closed, putting the resistor in and out of the field circuit to control the amount of voltage the generator produces.
What is meant by paralleling the generators of a twin-engine aircraft? Adjusting the voltage of the generators so they will share the electrical load equally.
What is meant by flashing the field of a DC generator? Restoring the residual magnetism to the frame of a generator by passing battery current through the field coils in the same direction it flows when the generator is producing current.
What kind of rectifier is used in a DC alternator of the type that is used on most of the modern light airplanes? A full-wave, three-phase rectifier made up of six silicon diodes.
What is used to maintain a constant frequency of the alternating current that is produced by an AC alternator driven by an aircraft turbine engine? A hydraulic constant-speed drive unit between the engine and the alternator.
What three things must be synchronized before a three-phase AC generator can be connected to a bus that is being served by another generator? The voltage, the frequency, and the phase rotation of the generators.
What must be done to reverse the direction of rotation of the armature of a DC electric motor? The current flow must be reversed through the armature or the field windings, but not through both of them.
Does a series-wound DC motor have a high or a low starting torque? A high starting torque.
Which aircraft electrical circuit does not normally contain a fuse or circuit breaker? The starter motor circuit.
When removing a battery from an aircraft, which connection should be removed first? The ground connection must be disconnected first and connected last.
What is meant by the effective voltage of sine wave alternating current? The value of the alternating current that is needed to produce the same amount of heat as this value of direct current.
What is a starter-generator that is used with many of the smaller gas turbine engines? A single-engine-mounted component that serves as a starter for starting the turbine engine. When the engine is running, the circuitry can be shifted so it acts as a compound-wound generator.
When should aircraft wiring be installed in a conduit? When the wiring passes through an area in the aircraft where open wiring could likely be damaged, such as through a wheel well.
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