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Why is it important that ice not be allowed to build up on airplane wings in flight? Ice distorts the shape of the airfoil and destroys the aerodynamic lift. The weight of the ice loads the aircraft down.
Are pneumatic deicer boots operated before ice forms or after it has formed? Pneumatic deicer boots are not operated until ice has formed over them. When the boot inflates, it breaks the ice, and the air flowing over the airfoil blows it away.
Where does the air come from to operate the pneumatic deicer boots on a reciprocating-engine powered airplane? From the discharge side of the air pump that is used to operate the gyro instruments.
What is meant by a wet vacuum pump? A vacuum pump that uses engine oil to lubricate its steel vanes. A dry vacuum pump uses carbon vanes, and it does not require any oil for lubrication.
What is the purpose of the oil separator in a deicer system? Oil separators are used with wet vacuum pumps to remove the lubricating oil from the discharge air before this air is used in the deicer boots.
How are rubber deicer boots cleaned? By washing them with mild soap and water
How does a thermal anti-icing system operate? Hot compressor bleed air is ducted into a special chamber between a double skin in the leading edge of the wing. This hot air is controlled by a timer so ice is allowed to build up, and then the hot air breaks its bond to the skin.
What is used to remove frost from an aircraft before flight? A mixture of isopropyl alcohol and ethylene glycol.
How is ice prevented from forming on the windshield of modern jet transport airplanes? The windshield has a heater element embedded in it. Electric current heats the windshield and keeps ice from forming on it.
How is ice kept from forming on the pitot tube of an airplane? Pitot tubes are heated by electric current flowing through heater elements that are built into them.
What are two ways rain can be kept from obstructing the pilot's vision through the windshield of an airplane? The rain can be blown away by a high velocity blast of compressor bleed air, or it can be wiped away with electrically or hydraulically operated wind-shield wipers.
When should rain repellent be used on an airplane windshield? Only when the windshield is wet with rain.
How is carburetor ice prevented in the engines of the smaller aircraft? Heated air is directed into the carburetor. This heat comes from a muff around a part of the engine exhaust system.
How are rubber deicer boots attached to the leading edges of aircraft wings and tail surfaces? Some of them are attached with machine screws and Rivnuts; others are bonded to the surface with an adhesive.
What keeps an electrically heated windshield from overheating? Heat sensors built into the windshield control the current that is used to heat the windshield.
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