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Input Information or signals put into a computer system.
Sensor A mechanical device that transfers signals to a control instrument or output device.
Actuator A type of motor or servo that is responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or components.
Servos An output device that controls precise position or speed.
Pair Programming Two people working together to create a computer program. One person, called the driver, writes the code and explains the logic, while the other person, called the navigator, reviews it and gives feedback.
Digital Data represented as either yes/no or true/false.
Iteration Repeating a process to yield results successively closer to the goal.
Analog Data that ranges on a continuous scale.
Accelerometer An instrument used to measure acceleration.
Conditional Statements A command that performs different actions depending on whether a condition is true or false.
Driver The person who writes the code in a computer program when two programmers are working together.
Navigator The person who observes or reviews each line of code in a computer program as it is typed when two programmers are working together.
Continuous Servo Output device rotates full circle, in either direction, at various speeds.
LED Grid This output device displays a LED pattern.
LED Board Output device individually or in a series lights up, and is detachable to single LED's
LED Output device that simply lights up.
Buzzer Output device produces tones.
Standard Servo Output device rotates only 180 degrees, 0 and 180 are the endpoints with 90 degrees in the middle. Only 1 speed of movement available.
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