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6th Grade G/L Roots

archos chief, principle, primary
amphi both
e-, ex out of, beyond, from
circum around, about
kyklos ring, circle, wheel
peri around
schole leisure time
pais/paidos child
anthropos man, mankind, humankind
theos god
deus god/s
pelagos open sea/ocean
photos light
divinus god-like
homo/hominis man, human being
vir man, masculine
femina woman, girl
infans/infantis inability to speak
arcus bow, arc
naus ship, boat
navis ship, boat
ordo/ordinus row, order
gradus step, degree
duco/ductum draw, attract, or lead
ago/actum do, act, perform
pendo/pensum hang, weigh
ludo/lusus play, mock
specto/spectatum look at, see
solus alone
rideo/risum laugh, make fun of
Created by: mrsG_3.14