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Horse Quiz 9

Tack and Equipment, Texas 4-H rules and regulations, Rodeo

Name the three parts that compose the bridle. Reins,bit and headstall
Tooth wheeled on spurs are called_____________? rowels
What is a stirrup cover called? Tapadera
What is the wooden or metal frame of a saddle called? A tree
What is ownership deadline for competing in district and state 4-h horse shows? March
If you knock over a pole in Pole bending, what is the penalty? 5 seconds
In state and district hows, how many horse can a 4-H owner enter in the qualifying classes? one
How many barrels are in barrel racing? 3
True or False: In the timed event classes, the wearing of a hat is mandatory. false
How many poles in the stakes race for 4-H? Two
How many cones are in the stakes race? Three
In western pleasure, Which gait is not asked for: walk, jog, counter canter or lope? Counter canter
How many poles make up the pole bending pattern? six
In pole bending, how far apart, in feet, are the pole positioned? 21
In Western pleasure, Which direction should the horse be reversed toward? The center of the arena, away from the rail
In pole bending, how far from the starting line is the first pole? 21 feet
In the hunter horsemanship class, when horses are worked on the rail, they should execute a reverse in which direction? Away from the rail
What does PRCA stand for? Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association
name three roping events of rodeo? Calf roping, steer roping and team roping
Created by: MrsRedwine