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Horse Quiz 8


A displaced patella of the stifle joint is called? Stifled
What are the two types of equine encephalomyelitis? Eastern EE and Western EE
Where is navicular disease found? front feet
What is the familiar name for the disease caused by streptococcus equi bacteria? Strangles
What is the common name for tetanus? lockjaw
When and where was potomac horse fever first recognized? 1979, in Maryland next to the Potomac river
Potomac horse fever has been confirmed in how many states? 32
An animals ability to resist or repel diease producing organisms is known as what? immunity
What type of disease can be spread from one animal to another by direct or indirect contact? contagious
What is a means of artificially stimulating the immunity of an animal without actually giving it the disease? Vaccination
An animal is capable of shedding disease causing organisms is known as a _____________ carrier
Can a vaccination provide permanent immunity? yes
What is the term given to acute abdonimal pain that may be cause by a great variety of disorders? colic
What is the common name for encephalomyelitis? Sleeping sickness
Is tetanus caused by a virus or bacteria? bacteria
Created by: MrsRedwine