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Horse Quiz 5

Horse Management

Filing of rough, irregular teeth give a smoother grinding surface is called? Floating
which side is the off side? The right side of the horse
What is the rising and descending of the rider with the rhythm of the trot? Posting
What is a female foal up to 3yr old called? Filly
What term is used when measuring the height of horse? hand
What is first stride in the lope or canter called? lead
Which side is the near side? Left side of the horse
How can a rider shift the center of gravity? By shifting his or her weight from side to side or front to rear
The horse is most useful between what ages? 3 to 15 years
A well trained horse should travel at what speed when walking? 4 miles per hour
Horses that are stabled should be groomed how often? At least once a day
Why is washing a poor substitute for regular grooming? it removes the protective oil of the hair and skin
What is the term for a castrated male horse? gelding
When cleaning the hoof, in which direction should the hoof pick be used? from heel to toe
When should exercised horses be groomed? before leaving the stable or saddling and again when returned to the stable or unsaddled
How often should an unshod horse have its hooves trimmed? At least once a month (every 4 to 6 weeks)
How much does a healthy hoof grow per month? 3/8 to 1/2 inch
What does a farrier do? Shoes and trims horses' hooves
What is the correct term for someone trained in horse shoeing? Farrier
Which vice is known as biting or setting teeth against the manger or some other object while sucking air? cribbing
Name the five gaits of the five-gaited horse. walk,trot,canter,slow gait and rack
one who rides a horse with control, letting the horse go without forward or backward movement? a passenger
What is the term for the lateral movement of the horse without forward or backward movement? side step, side pass , traverse
One who is trained and skilled in the treatment of diseases and injuries of animals is called? Veterinarian
Name a material that currycombs are make of.. rubber, metal
Name three grooming aids Currycomb, sweat scraper, body brush, mane and tail comb, hoof pick ( also allow other items not listed)
What is the term for an acquired habit that is annoying or may interfere with the horse's usefulness, such as cribbing vice
True neck reining is the response of your horse to the ________of the rein against the neck. weight
Created by: MrsRedwine