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Digital Citizenship

Baker U, EDU 5322

Copyright The owner’s legal right to reproduce, display, transmit, perform, and/or modify their work. An item is copyrighted as soon as it exists in tangible form.
Phishing Email scam used to collect personal data from victims.
Pirating Theft of intellectual property including music, video, and electronic games.
Digital Footprint Digital information left online from usage by individuals or others about them.
Empathy The ability to be aware of and understand what others are feeling and experiencing.
Intrapersonal Intelligence Being aware of your emotions, beliefs, motivations, and goals; self-awareness.
Interpersonal Intelligence Being able to understand and interact effectively with others.
Digital Citizen Person acting, learning, and working in a digital space with safe, legal, and ethical practices.
Troubleshoot Ability to solve technical problems including hardware, software, and connections.
Secording Secretly recording others including peers and faculty.
Created by: jmcalister