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Rutiri-Safety Stnd

Computer, Classroom, Ethics, and Virus Safety

What problems that working at a computer can cause? Eye strain, persistant fatigue, back pain, tendonitis, carpel tunnel syndrome
What points will reduce eye strain when working on a computer? Lower lighting level, place screen at a right angle, ceiling lights should be parallel to your line of sight.
What problems with your posture that could lead to a serious condition? Wrists bent, feet unsupported, head tilted back, shoulders hunched.
What points should be required of your work chair? Fully height adjustable, support lower back.
What is important to remember when using the keyboard? Wrists straight and horizontal to your work surface as you key.
What is the number one cause of accidents in the classroom? Trips and falls
What causes accidents in the classroom? Floor wax, pencils, paperclips, worn area in floor/carpet and/or wet.
What can prevent you from tripping and falling? Walk, never run, tie shoe laces, don't change directions to quickly.
What is a computer virus? It is a program that reproduces itself, hides in other computer code without permission, and does nasty or undesireable things not intended by its victim.
What is a hard drive? It is the internal storage unit for software in the computer.
What is a hard drive crash? This occurs when the hard drive software becomes scrambled or deleted and causes the computer to malfunction.
What is an anti-virus software? It is an application program which will scan disks or other programs being loaded into a computer, detect a virus, and stop its spread.
What is a point about an "ounce of prevention" concerning viruses Don't download from the internet
What is the most popular anti-virus software? Nortons
How do you define cyber ethics? It is responsible computer behavior.
What is computer ethics? It refers to the rules and standards governing the conduct of an individual with others.
Why do we need to define computer ethics? Copyright and Privacy
What is the number one cause of stair accidents? Distractions
What is one point about chair safety? Never lean back.
What is a major source of office injuries? File cabinets
What is one point to remember about back injuries? Use your leg muscles
What happens if electricity is not grounded? Presents a shock hazard
How do you define copyrighting? It is the use of someone else's intellectual property.
What is a cookie? It is a piece of data that a web site collects about you when you visit the site.
What is a computer commandments? Thou shall not use a computer to harm other people.
What is copyrighting laws of photos for school use? School report are considered fair use, but the creator should be credited.
What is a VARK score? It is a guide that assesses you for how you learn best.
What does VARK represent? Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinestheic
How do you download a photo using the Microsoft Office Web site? 1. Open the MS Office Clipart Web site.2. Select one an image to download.3. Download to Clip art organizer.4. Hover off image and learn file name.5. Insert image in MS application by searching for file name and click on image.
What is your VARK Score? Know your VARK score because it tells you how YOU learn best!
What is the Internet? This is a network of phone lines, computers, and devices that connect computers worldwide.
Plagiarism can be defined as cheating and deception. True
If you are using a video for educational use, you are allowed 10% or 3 minutes, whichever is less. True
If you are using music for educational purposes, you're allowed up to 20% of a copyrighted musical composition or maximum of 60 seconds False! You may use up to 10% ONLY and sometimes cited as only 30 seconds of a song.
Works published after 1989 must carry a copyright notice. False
Anything you produce is copyrighted as soon as you produce it. Ture
Works published before 1989 must carry a copyright notice and not after. True
You may use video portions for educational use as long as it is 10% or 3 minutes, whichever is less True
You may use illustrations and photographs for educational use from a collection, not more than 20 images or 10%, whichever is less? False - you may use only 15 images or 10%, whichever is less.
You may use music for educational use and up to 10% of a copyrighted musical composition may be reproduced, performed, and displayed as part of a multimedia project for education purchases. Sometimes cited as a maximum length of 60 seconds. FALSE! It is only 30 seconds. If more, you must have the artist's permission.
As for copyright, when in doubt get _____________. permission
Created by: eva_rutiri