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quThe Cell Cycle

5.1 Question and Answer bio

What are the four main stages ? - Gap 1 - Synthesis - Gap 2 - Mitosis
How did they name them ? They got the name from early studies
Why was it limited viewing the cells through the microscope ? The microscope at that time were not as good for looking through the cells
Chromoatid ? One half of duplicted chromosomes
Centromere ? Sister chromiatd held together here , a region of the condensed chrmosome that looks pinched.
Asexual ? Reproduction from a single parent and does not invole the joining of gametes
Histones ? Interact with each other , further compacting with the DNA
Frisson ? Is the asexual reproduction of a single - celled organism by disvion into two roughly equaly parts
Prophase ? Chromatin condenses into tightly coiled chromosomes
Differention ? The process by which is speaicalized cells develop into their mature forms and functions
Chromosome ? one long continous thread of DNA that consits of numerous genes along with reugaltory information
Metaphase ? The spindle fibers attach to protein structure on the centromere of each chromosome and align the chromosome of the cell
Bengin ? The cancer cells typically remain clustered
DNA plus proteins makes ? Chromatin
Mitosis ? divison of the cell nucleus and its contents
Cytokinesis ? Process that divides the cell cytoplasm
Chromation ? The " spaghetti " stage .
What differs in _______ and ______ cells Animal and plant
What does mitosis divde into 4 phases ? cell
What disappears in plant cells ? Nucleus
Created by: rosadosamira1