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Horse quiz 4

Anatomy and conformation

How many teeth does a mare have? 36
What is forging? Striking the undersurface of the front foot with the toe of the rear foot
What monocular vision? The ability to see separate objects with each eye at the same time.
What is the area between the loin and the tail head called? croup
What is it called when the lower jaw is shorter than the upper jaw? Parrot mouth
How many teeth does a stallion or gelding have? 40
Teeth that are smallish and white with a distinct neck are called? temporary or milk teeth
What is deglutition? Swallowing
movements of stomach and intestines, and elimination of residue are called___________? defecation
Can a horse vomit? no
Does a horse have a Gallbladder? no
Name two parts of a horse's large intestine? Cecum,large colon,small colon, and rectum
How long is the large colon? 10 to 12 feet
What is the capacity of the large colon? 80 quarts
The main tube of the respiratory system is called the??? Trachea or windpipe
That is a slow trot called? jog
What is a "cooled out" horse? one that is neither hot to the touch nor breathing hard
Name three parts of the hoof. toe,quarter, white line, heel, wall, frog sole, and buttress
What is the canter? A three beat gait; a moderate, easy, collected gait
What is the horny growth on the inside of the horse's leg called? Chestnuts, also called night eyes
What is the horny growth behind the fetlocks joint called? Ergot
How many inches make a hand? 4
The horny inside of the hoof is called??? Laminae
The top of a horse's head just behind the ears is called the? Poll
What is the labial surface of a horse's teeth? Surface towards the lips
What are the five categories of judging a halter horse? balance, muscling, structure, quality and travel
A well- balanced horse will divide into three equal parts. Name those parts. Front shoulder, middle barrel and rear hip
What kind of tissue moves the skeleton? muscle
What does the " quality of muscle" refer to? muscle attachment pattern
What are the two criteria in which muscles are evaluated?. Quantity and quality
Which should be wider when viewed from the rear: the stifle or top of hip? Stifle
Length of stride is best evaluated from what position of view? side
The width between a horse's eyes affects its field of vision
Which gait is known as the foundation gait? walk
What is the three natural gaits of the horse? walk, trot, gallop
Is the trot a lateral or diagonal gait? Diagonal
When loping, the horse's independent moving front leg is known as the? lead
What is the term for any mark or deformity that diminishes beauty but does not affect a horse's usefulness? Blemish
What term describes the period when a tooth breaks through the gum? Eruption
When referring to foot action, what is meant by height? The amount of elevation in the stride, determined by the radius of the arc
Why is a low center of gravity important? It allows a horse to shift weight more easily to perform athletic maneuvers
What is a vertical crack on the side of the hoof called? Quarter crack or sand crack
The horse has what type of vision? monocular
How are the horses front legs attached to the rest of the body? by muscles and tendons
Can a horse see what he is eating? no
What is a cataract? A cloudy or opaque appearance of the eye
Where is a horse's center of gravity? At a point about 6 inches behind the elbow
At rest, which legs, front or rear, support more weight? front legs
Where is the horse's center of motion located? Approximately over the 15th vertebra
Where should a rider's weight be positioned to offer the greatest stability and least interference with a horse's motion? As near as possible over the horse's center of motion
Where do the muscles that control leg movements terminate? at the knee
Cannon, pastern and foot action are controlled by what two things? Ligaments and tendons
Should withers be high and well defined or rounded? high and well defined
Why should size of nostrils be important? large ones allow for maximum air take
What are bowed tendons and where are they found? They are enlarged, stretched flexor tendons behind the cannon bones.
Is a sidebone a blemish or an unsoundness? Unsoundness
Is a cataract an unsoundness or a blemish? Unsoundness
what disease is the inflammation of the small navicular bone usually found inside the front foot? navicular disease
If a horse has difficulty in breathing or lung damage, it is said to have Heaves
Is a navicular disease an unsoundness or a blemish? Unsoundness
What condition causes the hoof to turn up and develop rough, deep rings in the hoof wall? Founder
What hoof condition is caused by over-feeding, severe concussion or disease, and abnormal management? Founder
What is thrush? Disease of the frog
Is thrush an unsoundness or a blemish? Blemish
Describe a stringhalt. A nervous disorder characterized by excessive jerking of the hind leg
What is a bog spavin and where is it found? a bony growth usually found on the inside lower point of the hock
What is another term for a bone spavin? Jack Spavin
Name two common areas where ruptures or hernias occur. Umbilical and scrotal
A foal has a total of how many teeth? 24
Age can best be determined by examining what two aspects of the incisor teeth? wear and slant
Which teeth are used for determining the age of a horse? The incisors
Can canine teeth be found in a gelding? yes
What is another name for canine teeth? Tushes
How many incisors are there in the upper jaw of the stallion? six
Where in the mouth are the canine teeth located? In the interdental space between the incisors and molars
What does it mean if a horse has a full mouth? The horse has a complete set of permanent incisors.
What is the interdental space? The gum space between the incisor teeth and molar teeth
What is the star shaped or circle like structure near the center of the wearing surface of the permanent incisiors? dental star
At what age is a horse normally referred to as being " smooth mouthed"? 12 years
Length of neck plays an important part in length of ? stride
What is the hallow tube that extends from the mouth to the anus? Alimentary canal
Mastication is also know as? chewing
What is the first part of the digestive tract? mouth
Where does bile come from? The liver
What is one-way action from the pharynx to the stomach called? peristalsis
Compared to other farm animals, is the horse's stomach larger, smaller, or about the same size? smaller
Where is the horse's gallbladder located? A horse has no gallbladder
Name two of the glands secreting juices into the small intestine that influence digestion. Pancreas,liver and intestinal glands
Normally a horse voids how much feces per day? 33 to 50 pounds a day
Created by: MrsRedwine