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English 1 final test

abstract expressing or naming a quality, idea, or concept; not concrete
ascertain to find out for certain through research
caricature a description of a person or thing that exaggerates peculiarities
chivalry the rules, customs, and spirit of ideal knights in the Middle Ages
chronological arranged in the order in which events occurred
determinism a doctrine that human actions are the necessary results of earlier causes
didactic meant to teach
explicate to make clear the meaning of something
explicit expressed clearly
gamut the entire range
gullible easily deceived or cheated
haphazard not planned
legendary based on a traditional, popular story; not historical
literal true to fact; not exaggerated
magnitude greatness; size
mores the traditional rules and customs of a group of people
narrative a story or account
omniscient knowing everthing
paraphrase to give the meaning of something in other words
pessimistic taking the less favorable view
satirical of or containing satire; or the use of mockery, irony, or wit to ridicule
self-effacing keeping oneself in the background
sensory of or having to do with the senses
spectrum figurative range or scope of a subject
symbol something that stands for or represents something else
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