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Photo 3 final

Final review for Photo 3 1 st tri

What is the reason for taking your flash off your camera? To prevent harsh ugly light
What do you use to tell the flash to fire form your camera? A transmitter and reciver
If you flash is set at a 1/64 power you will get a very bright light false
What is a easy source of light if you need more then just your speedlight flash? a window and or a reflector
When using an off camera flash what is the best mode to set your camera in? Manual Mode
Why can you not go over 1/200th of a sec on your shutter speed when using an external flash? You will catch the shutter curtain
When photographing a large group what are the considerations that need to be taken? the need to get all the faces in focus
Why do we learn to create compositions in this class? to learn to look at things differently and creatively and to practice our photoshop skills
How many elements of design do we discuss in this class? 7
Why is teh use and understanding of Metadata important in Photography? to understand the digital trail including copyright information that can protect the creator
Why is it important to be able to Analyze the Principles of Design in photography so you can understand how to identify and incorporate the Principles in your own work.
In this class we mostly use what type of camera for our photos? DLSR
Additive color system is used for what medium? Digital formats such as computers and smart phones
When we talk about color temperature what are we using? Kelvin
A ___ file is a very large working file created in Photoshop PSD
Why would you want to use JPG format in your camera? If you need to have more space on your SD card
In lightroom you can quickly develop an image and then apply those edits to other photos with similar metadata. What is this action called? Sync selected photos
Besides the class drive, what are other highly suggested ways to save your work? In a drop box or google drive image file
Light room is a ____ _____ system. Where photoshop is an image editor Photo managment
When editing an image in Photoshop we use a ___ ____ to control where the effect of the adjustment will show Layer mask
What are the two main color systems we use? Additive Subtractive
Traditional lighting set up's include Split, loop, Rembrandt, butterfly, short, broad
If you need to reduce shadows under your subjects chin and eyes to create a more youthful appearance what light modifier would you use and where? A reflector underneath the subject
Photography is ... The science and art application and practice of creating durable images by recording light
It is often good to look at an image with a different___. There may be a more interesting and pleasing composition you need to look for. Point of view
A light positioned 90 degrees to the side of your subject creates what type of lighting? Split
What is a very portable light modifier that is easy to use on location umbrella
what tool allows you to remove imperfections such as pimples or stray hairs spot healing brush tool
In what tow areas can you rest a workspace that has been configured poorly window>workspace>reset workspace name
how do you automatically set the white balance (sometime called "color Balance") in an image auto color
how do you automatically set the black and white point levels of an image? auto tone
after displaying the rulers how can you change the unit of measurement? right click on the rulers
Created by: MrsJwalters