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Photo 2 final

Final review for 1st tri

We use the principles and elements of design to use___ thinking skills to describe an image Critical
In this class we mostly use what type of camera for our photos? DLSR
When we talk about color temperature what are we using? Kelvin
A ____ file is a very large working file created in Photoshop PSD
Why would you want to use JPG format in your camera? If you were a sports or nature photographer
In Lightroom you can quickly develop an image and then apply those edits to other photos with similar metadata. What is this action called? Sync selected photos
What is the proper format for saving files to be submitted for critique in THIS class LastnameFirstintial_noofimage.jpg
Besides the class drive what are other highly suggested ways to save your work? your own external drive
Lightroom is a ____ _____ system. Where photoshop is an image editor photo managment
When editing an image in Photoshop we use____ to control where the effect of the adjustment will show. Layer Mask
Why is the use and understanding of metadata important in Photography? It is embedded information in the digital photo
Why is it important to be able to Analyze the Principles of Design in Photography? So you can understand how to identify and incorporate the Principles in your own work
Photography is.... The science and art application and practice of creating durable images by recording light
It is nessecary to adjust your White Balance for the situation you are shooting in? True
When changing the lens on our digital camera it is ok for the sensor to be open and facing upwards? False
What does the shutter control? The amount of light that enters the camera
How can you turn a small light source into a larger source Diffuse it through a translucent object
What does resolution mean? the number of pixels that describe an image and establish its details
What does the crop tool do? Removes unwanted portions of your image
What tool(s) can you use to remove blemishes in an image? the healing brush, the spot healing brush
Once you make a selection in Photoshop what area can be edited Only the area within the selection
How do you add too and subtract from a selection Alt drag click
How does the magic wand tool determine which areas of an image to select? Selects adjacent pixels based on their similarity in color tone
What is one advantage to using layers Lets you move and edit different parts of an image as discrete objects
How can you make an image on on layer appear in front of an image on another layer by dragging the layers in the layers panel up and down to change their stacking order
When you have completed working on your image what can you do to minimize the file size without changing the quality or dimensions Flatten the layers
What is the simplest way to assess and cull recently imported photos into Lightroom? Using the Pick and Reject flags
Created by: MrsJwalters