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Cooling herbs

Tcm herbology wind-heat invasion

Bo He Hb > field mint, mentha
Major cooling diaphoretic, lv Qi stagnation (depression) Bo He
Nui Bang Zi Fr > great burdock fruit , arctium
Throat disorders, mumps, strep throat Nui bang zi
Can tui Periostracum > cicada molting
Loss of voice, child spasm (tetanus) Can tui
Sang ye Fol > white mulberry leaf
Heat in the blood, liver heat, liver yang rising, high blood pressure Sang ye
Ju hua Flos > chrysanthemum flower
Lv/kid yin deficiency, liver yang rising, calms the liver Ju hua
Man jing zi Fr > vitex fruit, chasteberry
Bi syndrome, liver heat Man jing zi
Dan dou chi Sm > prepared soybean
Shen disorders, zang zao ( restless organ syndrome) hysteria Both heat and cold Dan dou chi
Fu ping Hb > duckweed, spirodela
Superficial edema (skin), strong diaphoretic Fu ping
Mu zei Hb > scouring rush, shave grass, wood theif, horsetail
Hemorrhoid Mu zei
Ge gen Rx > kudzu root, pueraria
Diarrhea, diabetes ( xiao-ke), HTN (hypertension), drunkenness, dry skin Ge gen
Chai hu Rx > bupleurum, thorowax root, hare's ear root
Shaoyang syndrome (alt. chills and fever), raises yang qi, clears yang Qi Liver and spleen disharmony ( liv overacting on spleen) Chai hu
Sheng ma Rz > cimicifuga, bugbane or black cohosh rhizoma
Raise yang qi, shaoyang headaches, collapse of yang Sheng ma
Created by: Jkellycal