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Warming herbs

Tcm herbology

Ma Huang Hb > Ephedra steam
It is a Major warming diaphoretic, used for edema, lung qi Ma Huang
Gui Zhi Ramulus > Cinnamon twig/ casia twig
Used for bi syndrome (shoulder/upper limbs), ying wei level, and gyn disorders Gui zhi
Zi Su Ye Fol > perilla leaf
Used for morning sickness, seafood poisoning, digestion Zi Su Ye
Fang Feng Rx > ledebouriella root, siler
Used for liver and spleen disharmony, migraine, wind Fang Feng
Jing Jie Hb w/Flos > schizonepita stem or bud
Used for bleeding and both wind-cold and wind- heat Jing Jie
Two herbs used for external wind Fang Feng and Jing Jie
Qiang Huo Rz & x > notopterygium root
Used for tai yang headaches (occiptial), and bi syndrome (upper limbs) Qiang Huo
Gao Ben Rz & x > lingusticum root, chinese lovage root
Used for jue yin headaches (vertex) Gao Ben
Bai Zhi Rx > angelica root
Used for yang ming headaches (frontal) Bai zhi
Xi Xin Hb w/radix > chinese wild ginger
Used for shao yin headaches (supra orbital) Xi Xin
What herbs do you use for headaches and migraines Fang feng (migraine), qiang Huo (tai yang), gao ben (jue yin), bai zhi (yang ming), xi xin (shao yin)
Occipital headache is called Taiyang
Vertex headache is called Jueyin
Frontal headache is called Yang ming
Supraorbital headache is called Shaoyin
Temporal headache is called Shaoyang
Sheng Jiang Rz > fresh ginger
Used for digestion (cold invasion of stomach), seafood poisoning, nausea, vomiting, morning sickness Sheng jiang
Cong bai Bulbus > scallion, spring onion
Used for early stage of wind cold invasion Cong bai
Herbs used for the Folk lore remedy for wind cold invasion Sheng jiang & cong bai
Xiang Ru Hb > aromatic madder(e. Splendens), elshiltzia
Used for summer heat Xiang Ru
Xin Yi Hua Flos > magnolia flower
Used for sinus, nasal disorder, loss of smell Xin Yi Hua
Cang Er Zi Fr > cocklebur fruit, deep green ear seeds
Used for sinus and wind damp (bi syndrome) Cang Er Zi
E Bu Shi Cao Hb > centipede minima
Herb not eaten by geese, used for sinus disorder E Bu Shi Cao
Herbs used for sinus disorders Xin Yi Hua, Cang Er Zi, E Bu Shi Cao
Herbs used for bi syndrome Gui Zhi, Qiang Huo, and Cang Er Zi
Herbs used for seafood poisoning Zi Su Ye, Sheng Jiang
Created by: Jkellycal