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Multimedia CC17

Final Exam Review

Balance The distribution of the visual weight of objects, colors, texture, and space.
Rhythm Created when one or more elements of design are used repeatedly to create a feeling of organized movement.
Emphasis The part of the design that catches the viewer’s attention. The area could be different in size, color, texture, shape, etc.
Purpose and target audience Two factors that should be considered when planning a project
Green Color that represents health, freshness and serenity
Red Color that represents aggressive, energetic, provocative and attention-grabbing
Blue Color that represents trust, dependability, loyalty
Yellow Color that represents happiness, optimism, youth
CRAP Acronym that refers to four different design principles
Double entendre A technique where a picture or text might be perceived in multiple ways; clever mind trick in design
Texture This element of design refers to the surface of an object and how the eye perceives it:
KISS Acronym that refers to the concept of simplicity in design
Cliche Fads in design that tend to get used over and over and can be considered uninspired
Negative space Design concept where you create images between text by using the empty areas to create a shape
OGG Open source audio format
MP3 Compressed audio format
WAV Uncompressed audio format
Artifacts Popping or crackling sounds your hear sometimes with using a lossy audio compression method
Raster Graphics that are composed of pixels, cannot scale up without pixelation
Vector Graphics that are composed of paths, can be scaled with perfect resolution
300 DPI resolution for print images
72 DPI resolution for web images
PNG Ideal export format for images that will be used with a transparent background, such as logos and icons
JPG Standard image format for digital photos
AI Adobe Ilustrator native format that maintains editability and layers
MP4 Typical export extension for video in H.264
FLV Uncommon video export format used with Flash
Illustrator Adobe program used to create logos and vector graphics
Audition Adobe program used to create and edit audio
Premiere Adobe program used to create and edit video
Export Once you’re done editing, mixing, and mastering your session, to combine all elements before you can to distribute the file, you must
Envelope To create a simple, easy fade in effect, what tool can you use in most audio editors to modify gain
Stereo This type of audio track has two lines, one for left and one for right channel
Mute To make an audio track silent without deleting it
AUP Audacity files save automatically in this format
RSS feed To be a true podcast, the audio file should be made available to clients who wish to follow via:
ID3 tags Adding these makes it easy for people to identify your podcast, brand your podcast, point people back to your website, and keep things consistent by embedding descriptive data about an MP3 track within the track itself.
Noise removal When preparing podcast audio, it’s a good idea to eliminate the “room hum” sounds by using
Change tempo To speed up audio but not have a “chipmunk” voice as a result, choose this audio effect
Dashed lines In Audition, when you have a looping audio file, you see these representing boundaries when it plays again
Key It is recommended to use three point lighting for video production shooting--Backlights, fill light and this light
Extreme wide shot Which type of camera shot establishes the subject in the context of the environment
Storyboard Preparing this is an important step in pre-production involves drawing out your plan with camera angles and suggested times for filming
POV A shot seen from the character’s perspective/eyes.
LS A shot that shows a character from the knees or waist up or a full length seated figure.
ECU This shows only part of the head, the area from the lips to the eyes, and is often used for highly emotional shots to increase dramatic effect.
CU Used to show extreme detail or facial expressions. A character is framed from just beneath the shoulders with space left above the head.
High Camera angle where the camera looks down on the subject and makes them seem inferior or weak
Low Use of which common camera angle denotes power and shows the subject as overpowering and strong
Lighting When shooting video in front of a green screen, one of the biggest considerations for having an even and realistic background key out in Premiere is appropriate:
Razor In Premiere, which tool should be used to split a video clip and divide it into two parts?
Rolling Titles that move vertically over the footage are called
Ripple delete Right click and access this in Premiere to delete a blank space and shift video over to fill the space
Fill The color of text in Premiere titles is called this
Source In Premiere, double clicking on a clip in a sequence or in the Project window will open the clip in this monitor
Baseline shift Using Premiere, if you create the chemical symbol for water, what do you do to the number 2 in H2O?
Workspaces In Premiere, Assembly, Editing, Color, Effects, Audio, Titles, and Libraries are various:
Exporting The process of assembling your edited video project into a single file that can then be played back on it’s own, shared, or uploaded.
Video 2 Assume you are using the default workspace in Premiere and you are adding a title to a video track. If the video is on the lowest track, on which track line should the title be added
Transition A purple box in Premiere with with a line across it represents a:
Color Premiere Lumetri Scopes are used for correcting:
Project This panel in Premiere allows you to label, categorize, and group footage into bins to keep a complex project organized
Source Using this Monitor, you can view clips, set edit points, and mark other important frames before adding clips to a sequence
Opacity This Premiere Effect Controls option would allow a user to make a video clip or graphic partially transparent so that item below it on the Sequence would show through
I The keyboard shortcut is used to create an In Point on a clip
Scale to Frame Size Assuming the original video or image was much larger than the sequence settings, what has been done to a clip that resulted in the “black bars” at the left and right with scale set to 100% in the Effect Controls
Pen A common vector drawing tool to create irregular shapes
Symbol An art object that you can reuse in a document in Illustrator
Drawing In Illustrator, a rectangle, pen, or pencil would be this type of tool:
Painting In Illustrator, the gradient tool would be this type of tool:
Appearance In Illustrator, this panel is used if you have several effects to manipulate (drop shadow, multiple strokes, etc.)
Linear IL: A gradient that goes from left to right
Radial IL: A gradient that goes from inside to out (in a circle)
J IL: To connect two ends of a shape that is not drawn "closed" hold Alt to select the points and and press Control+
Pathfinder IL: Merge, trim, divide, and intersect are options in this panel
Swatches IL: To make a color reusable in Illustrator, add it to this panel
Cap IL: Modify this Stroke option to make a single line segment have rounded ends
Double-click IL: To update every instance of a symbol, simply
Scissors IL: To cut a shape into two parts without adding new strokes, use this tool
Clipping mask IL: To put a pattern inside a shape, put the pattern below the shape and create this
CMYK IL: The color mode for print publications
Stroke IL: On the Swatches panel, the BOTTOM box represents this
White IL: The Direct Selection tool icon is this color
Outlines IL: To ensure fonts appear properly when sending vector artwork to a printing company, it is advised to save text blocks as these
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