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The Study of the Horse

What are 5 types of Colic? Impaction Colic, Spasmotic Colic, Incarceration Colic. Displacement Colic, and Excessive Fermentation (Gas) Colic.
What are 4 signs of Colic? Restlessness, pawing, kicking at the abdomen, sweating, biting at sides, and etc.
Name 3 types of biting flies? Horn Fly, Stable Fly, Deer Fly, and Horse Fly
What are the 4 stages of a fly? Egg, Larva, Pupa, then Adult
The red tick carries what disease, and when was it found in the US? African Horse Fever, 1960
What disease do Mites carry? Mange
Define Anemia? Reduction in the hemoglobin in the red blood cells, with a deficiency of oxygen in the blood.
Define Molt? To cast off the hair/feathers/horns/outer layer of skin, being replaced by new growth.
What is the more common name for Ascarids? Roundworms
What is a more common name for Strongyles? Bloodworms
What is a more common name for Strongyloides? Threadworm
What is Cavy? A collection of horses.
What is Haw? The 3rd eyelid/ membrane in front of the eye, removes foreign bodies from the eye.
Define a Paunchy horse? A horse that has to much belly.
Define dwelling, in reference to gaits? A noticeable pause in flight of the foot, as thought the stride was completed before the foot reaches the ground.
Define cross, in reference in markings? Dark stripe across the shoulder.
Define flame, in reference to markings? A few white hairs in the center of the forehead.
What is the offspring of a Stallion called? Get
What is the offspring of a Mare called? Produce
What is a Jaquima? A Spanish bridle, hackamore
Reta is a Spanish word for what? Lasso
What is a hackamore lead rope called? Mecate
How much does a healthy hoof grow in a month? 3/8 to 1/2 inches
Name 3 grooming tools? Curry comb, body brush, dandy brush, mane and tail comb, hoof pick, sweat scraper, and etc.
What is the normal length for the bridle path to be on a stock type of horse? 1 1/2 to 2 inches
What is rolling, in reference to gaits? Side motion of the forehead.
What is the traverse, and what is its more common name? Lateral movement without forward or backward movement, side pass/ sidestep.
Describe a good performing jog? Shorter, rhythmic, square stride; free slow, slow easy; relaxed, steady, soft movement; minimal suspension; less forward propulsion; looser rein; definite 2 beat gate.
What is two tracking, and what is its common name? Movement of the horse, both sideways and forward at the same time, Leg Yielding.
How much should the western saddle lie behind the blanket? At least 1 inch
What aids are used to control the forehead?... forward movement?... the hindquarters? Hands; seat and weight; legs. Voice is mainly just for schooling.
What are appointments, in reference to equitation? Horse and Rider equipment used in the show ring.
Name 5 basic coat colors? Black, Brown, Bay, Chestnut/Sorrel, and White.
Name 3 epistatic modifiers? Grey, Roan, and Dominant White
Name the 5 variations of coat colors? Dun/Buckskin, Grey, Palomino, Pinto, Roan
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