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CSU Ranchos Levels 6

CSU Ranchos Los Amigos Levels (first 6)

Level II (title) Generalized Response
Level III (title) Localized Response
Level IV (title) Confused/Agitated
Level V (title) Confused, Inappropriate Non-Agitated
Level VI (title) Confused, Appropriate
Level I (definition) Complete absence of observable change in behavior when presented visual, auditory, tactile, proprioceptive, vestibular or painful stimuli.
Level II (definition) Generalized reflex response to stimuli (e.g. gross body movement, groaning). Responses may not vary with type and location of stimulation. Responses are often delayed.
Level III (definition) Responses directly related to type of stimulus. Turns toward or away from soundTracks objectsPulls on tubes or restraints. Responds inconsistently to simple commands.
Level X (title) Purposeful, Appropriate
Level VI (definition) Inconsistently oriented. Attends to very familiar tasks in low stim environment with redirection. Long term memory is better than recent memory. Vague recognition of some staff. Uses memory aides with maximum assistance. Unaware of impairments or safety
Level X (definition) Handles multiple tasks in all environs.Indep. uses & maintains memory devicesIndep. initiates & completes familiar and unfamiliar tasksAnticipates problems/estimates abilitiesConsiders needs of othersSocially appropriate
Level IV (definition) Remove restraints/tubes, crawls out of bed. May sit, reach or walk w/o purpose No short-term memory. May have aggressive or flight behavior. Mood swings Unable to cooperate with treatment Verbalizations are incoherent and/or inappropriate
Level V Alert, not agitated.May wander randomly or w/ vague plans to go home. May become agitated with more stim or less structure. Usually oriented X 0. Sustains non-purposeful actions. Able to respond appropriately to simple commands. Confabulation
Level I (title) No Response
Created by: OTTeacherLady
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