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IDT - Unit 4


software a set of instructions that tells the computer what actions to perform
application software a collection of programs (tools) that perform specific tasks. and can be used to help a person complete business or personal tasks more productively
system software collection of programs that manage and coordinate the activities of the computer system also called an operating system. The most popular are: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
commercial software software that is developed and sold for a profit
shareware software that is available free of charge for a trial purpose (temporary) You must pay for the software after the trial period or use a lite version of the software.
open source software software that is distributed and shared freely allowing users to modify and re-share without violating copyright laws
word processing software allows users to create, edit, and print documents like letters, memos and reports. allows a user to create and manipulate documents containing mostly text and some graphics.
GUI - Graphic User Interface allows users interact with the software using text, graphics, and visual images such as icons
spreadsheet software software is software that allows users to organize data in rows and columns and perform calculations on the data.
database software allows users to store and organize large amounts of data and retrieve specific information when needed
presentation software allows users to create visual presentations to communicate information to others
multimedia software the integration of a variety of media (text, graphics, video, animation, sound, etc) into an application or presentation
Utility program a type of systems program written to perform a specific system task. Usually related to managing or maintaining the system. (diagnostics, cleaning, antivirus, etc)
video editing software software allows users to modify a segment of a video, called a clip.
beta version software software that is still under development but released for testing
installing or installation The process of setting up software to work with the computer, printer, and other hardware
software piracy Illegally copying an application onto another computer
programmer A person who develops software or writes the instructions that direct the computer to process data into information
the software development cycle the steps needed in order to propose, design, test, and release new software
Bios is NOT an example of a utility program that monitors a system and guards against damage from viruses and other malware?
Created by: janice ritchey