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French Vocab

Vocab for French

La personne que j'admire. The person I admire
Comment s'appelle la personne que tu admires?r What is the name of the person you admire?
Mon heros s'appelle... My hero is called...
Mon heroine s'appelle... My heroine is called...
Mon modele s'appelle... My role model is called...
C'est qui? Who is he/she?
C'est un pilote de Formula 1. He is a Formula 1 driver.
C'est un scientifique. He is a scientist.
C'est une actrice. She is an actress.
C'est une creatrice de mode. She is a fashion designer.
Fais-moi sa description physique. Describe for me what he/she looks like.
Il/Elle est petit(e)/gros(e), etc. He/She is small/fat, etc.
Il/Elle a les cheveux bruns, etc He/She has brown hair, etc.
Quelle est sa personnalite? What is his/her personality?
Il/Elle est... He/She is...
Travailleur/-euse/creative/-ive, etc. hard-working/creative, etc.
Pourquoi est-ce que tu admires cette personne? Why do you admire this person?
J'admire... car il/elle... I admire... because he/she
A travaille tres dur. worked/has worked very hard.
a joue dans beaucoup de films. acted/has acted in lots of films.
a gagne beaucoup de courses won/has won lots of races
a donne de l'argent aux bonnes oeuvres gave/has given money to good causes
a lutte contre ses problemes fought/has fought his/her problems
J'aimerais etre comme lui/elle I would like to be him/her
Les mots essentiels High-frequency words
tres very
assez quite
mais but
ou or
ou' where
hier yesterday
d'abord first of all
puis then
ensuite next
apres afterwards
plus tard later
le soir this evening
Created by: Melisawe15