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TFA Characters

Character descriptions and relations

Okonkwo Main character, tragic flaw is that he's obsessed with not being like his father, Unoka. So he often asserts his manliness. Became wealthy at a young age and is respected because he defeated Amalinze the Cat, who was an undefeated wrestler for 7 years.
Obierika Okonkwo's bff & opposite, is calm & logical while Okonkwo is violent & hasty. At the end of the novel, he asks the commissioner to take down and bury Okonkwo's hanged body, because it's against Igbo custom to touch a suicide body, it offends the earth.
Nwoye Okonkwo's oldest son. He reminds Okonkwo of his father, & thus beats him frequently. He is traumatized when Okonkwo kills his mentor, Ikemefuna. This alienates him from his father and people, and he turns to the missionaries as a result.
Ikemefuna Young boy sent to Umuofia as a sacrifice for the accidental killing of an Umuofia woman by a neighboring community. He becomes Okonkwo's adopted son and a "big brother" to Nwoye, BEFORE OKONKWO KILLS HIM!!
Ezinma Okonkwo's sickly, but favorite daughter whom he wishes was a boy. He sees himself in her. Is the only child of her mother Ekwefi and is believed to be an ogbanje, the spirit of a dead child who comes back to torture their mother.
Chielo Priestess of Agbala, the oracle of the hills & caves. She's neither a woman or a human when she's "possessed" by her deity. It's during one of these phases that she runs through the village to the shrine of Agbala with Ezinma on her back.
Unoka Okonkwo's lazy and "feminine" father, represents Okonkwo's greatest fear, becoming weak. He didn't hold any title, he loved playing the flute and didn't maintain his farms. So he couldn't pay off his debts and he died disgracefully.
Ojiugo Okonkwo's 3rd wife. He beats her during the week of peace & offends Ani, the earth goddess. Shows how much Okonkwo doesn't want to be seen as weak, as when he kills Ikemefuna & other incidents. He will do anything to maintain his reputation of manliness.
Ekwefi Okonkwo's second wife and the mother of Ezinma. She will do anything to keep Ezinma, as she's her only child that has survived. So she follows Chielo as she carries her to the shrine of Agbala.
Nwakibie Wealthy elder in Umuofia. Gave Okonkwo his first seed yam. He visits him later to borrow 400 seed yams, but Nwakibie gives him twice as much becasue he thinks Okonkwo will succeed.
Mr. Brown Christian missionary who respects the Igbo & tries to understand them. Builds a relationship with Akunna, and they discuss religion. He builds a missionary church, a school, and a small hospital. Advises his converts to be respectful of the Igbo culture.
District Commissioner (DC) Racist & arrogant, sees himself & his culture as superior. Orders the arrest of 6 Umuofia leaders, including Okonkwo, taxes the community, & plans to write a book called "The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger".
Akunna Leader of Umuofia, sends one of his sons to Mr. Brown's school. Mr. Brown spends time with him in his obi talking about religion. Mr Brown gains cultural insights and they help to achieve his goals.
Reverend James Smith Replaces Mr Brown, is intolerant & sees himself as superior and views the Africans stereotypically. His intolerance leads Enoch, a radical convert to unmask one of the egwugwu spirits. Smith informs DC of this & it leads to the arrest of 6 Umuofia elders
Created by: AcDec123
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