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chap. 7 vocab

last 15 words

To contains email address of primary recipient
CC: contains email addresses of additional recipients to who you want to send the message
BCC email addresses of additional recipients to who you want to send the message to but DO NOT want displayed in header
Subject brief description of message
Message body of message
Signature sender's contact info to appear at bottom of each message
Header block of info attached to a piece of data; first part of a network packet
Attachment file that is sent with an e-mail message
Emoticon combo of characters that, read sideways, helps convey emotion in an e-mail message
Spam unsolicited and unwanted e-mail messages; online equivalent of junk mail
Spam Filter e-mail client program that identifies and filters out spam messages before they reach e-mail inbox
CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) test that uses a word-verification graphic designed to differentiate humans from automated senders during online transactions
Blackhole List published list of IP addresses known to be sources of spam
Personal Info Management Program (PIM P) tool used to schedule appointments and meetings, store contact info, and manage tasks
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) small, handheld computer used for personal info management; predecessor to the smartphone
Created by: moo_30